B2B Copywriting Secrets – An Interview with Mike Crespo

Mike Crespo is an experienced copywriter who specializes in B2B copwriting. His talent is using captivating ideas & words to seduce business buyers into making an order. He creates strategic marketing plans for B2B companies to get more clients, sales, and profits. B2B companies hire him because he uses powerful words in powerful copy that…

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Crafting the Perfect Blog Post – An Interview with Suzy Willmott

Crafting the perfect blog post Suzy Willmott is a top UK copywriter who writes both sales copy & content based copy. She has over ten years experience in the business. In this interview we are talking all about how to write the perfect blog post which one that gets seen, read & sends prospects your…

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How To Write Headlines That Demand Attention – An Interview With Mark Pocock

Mark Pocock

How To Write Headlines That Demand Attention – An Interview With Mark Pocock Mark Pocock is a copywriter who has spent thousands of pounds studying marketing skills directly from the world’s greatest copywriters and marketers. He learned how to write terrific headlines and captivating copy. Over the last ten years he has helped businesses of…

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Copywriting tips for newbies with Brian Cassingena

Brian Cassingena is one of Australia’s best copywriters. His lifestyle as a copywriter allowed him to do this interview with me whilst he had a leisurely walk along the beach! His reasons as to why he does copywriting for a living is this… It’s Easy, Lucrative & Fun! If you are new to writing copy…

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An Interview With Nick James – Copywriting tips & how to use the A.I.D.A formula

Nick is one of the UK’s most sought after copywriters. He is also the man who masterminded the Market Domination Method, which helps his clients pull off 5-6 figure launches. Some have named him “the Orchestrator of the biggest launches in UK history”. In this interview Nick really lets loose with his info, We talk…

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How to get up to 20% conversion rates – An Interview with Patrick Powers

Patrick Powers Copywriting & Conversion Tips Patrick Powers is one of the UK’s most well known marketing and business strategists. He specializes in networking, high conversion copywriting and pitching strategies for small businesses and start-ups. He is the author of two books “Turn your contacts into cash” & “Only suckers settle for less than rich”.…

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