About Joseph Bushnell

Just thought I would add a little bit about me…

I’m from London, UK. But I work with clients internationally, that’s the miracle of modern technology!

I first got into Internet Marketing because I had an idea for a book and I wondered if there was a way to promote it online. I quickly discovered that I really enjoyed the topic and consumed every bit of info I possibly could. I got a Mentor, attended all the seminars and bought high-end IM products by the so called “Gurus” too, in order to learn everything I needed to know. 6 years on, I have now helped others along the same journey and will continue to do so for a very long time

As of 2010, in addition to my mentoring services, I have launched a new range of Internet Marketing services to help promote your online business so you don’t have to do all the hard work yourself. I used to only teach people how to “Do it yourself” but now I also provide a “Done for you” option too

My other interests include Football (England & Liverpool fan), religion, personal development/self help, NLP, working out (when I can be bothered!), science, rugby, cricket, tennis, golf, comedy, reading, music, good food and travel

joseph christina bushnell