How To Write Headlines That Demand Attention – An Interview With Mark Pocock

Mark Pocock
mark pocock write headlinesHow To Write Headlines That Demand Attention – An Interview With Mark Pocock

Mark Pocock is a copywriter who has spent thousands of pounds studying marketing skills directly from the world’s greatest copywriters and marketers. He learned how to write terrific headlines and captivating copy. Over the last ten years he has helped businesses of all shapes & sizes improve their profits because of the pieces he has written for them. These days he specializes mainly in marketing for small businesses.

For his clients, using the power of the written word alone, he has been able to more than double previous sales, double opt-in rates for squeeze pages and slash the cost of Google advertising by over half because the ads were converting so highly. He’s even written a sales letter that converted at 64%!

Much of this was down to attention grabbing headlines that stopped the reader dead in their tracks and almost forced them to read on. And that’s the topic of this interview, how to write headlines that make money

In this Interview Mark reveals…

* How to flag down your prospects & make them read your ad

* Mark’s top 6 types of headline (you can swipe these right away)

* How to seamlessly enter the conversation already going on in the readers mind

* 2 secrets to write headlines that are original (headlines unlike your market has ever seen before)

* The length of a perfect headline

* Mark’s 5 favorite headlines of all time

* Why you must split test your headlines or risk making only half the money you could have

* The “Glass Ceiling Test” to make sure your headline is believable

* A weird little trick that can increase readership by 15%

* And more. Find out all of the above by clicking the play button below (please feel free to share it if you enjoy it)…


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