Crafting the Perfect Blog Post – An Interview with Suzy Willmott

Crafting the perfect blog postPerfect Blog Post Suzy Willmott

Suzy Willmott is a top UK copywriter who writes both sales copy & content based copy. She has over ten years experience in the business. In this interview we are talking all about how to write the perfect blog post which one that gets seen, read & sends prospects your way.

If your blog posts aren’t getting any views then they aren’t getting read. If they aren’t getting read then you are wasting your time creating them. Fortunately Suzy knows how to solve this problem. Together we explore the anatomy of a perfect blog post.

In the interview Suzy reveals…

* How to effortlessly research your blog post (And keep your finger on the pulse for what your market is talking about & wants to read about)

* How to keyword optimize your article so it get’s torrents of traffic from Google

* Where else on the web to put your perfect blog post & articles for even more views

* The perfect word count for an article

* A headline formula that draws people into the post itself

* The 4 step blueprint for writing a really interesting post

* Tips on crafting the call to action so you can monetize your blog posts

* How to get others to share your perfect blog post via social media

* Where to get eye catching graphics for your post whilst not breaking any copyright laws (Hint: Not Google Images!)

* A neat little tool to help collect ideas for future blog posts

* And more. Click the play button below to listen in…



If you want to hear more from Suzy you can follow her blog & if you want to hire Suzy either to write you some content or to write sales material then you can get in touch with her here