B2B Copywriting Secrets – An Interview with Mike Crespo

Mike Crespo b2b copywritingMike Crespo is an experienced copywriter who specializes in B2B copwriting. His talent is using captivating ideas & words to seduce business buyers into making an order. He creates strategic marketing plans for B2B companies to get more clients, sales, and profits. B2B companies hire him because he uses powerful words in powerful copy that gets powerful results. He is the founder of The Power of Copy, an agency designed for B2B companies wanting to reach a larger share of their market through Direct Response Marketing.

If you need to sell products & services to other businesses then this interview is definitely for you.

In this interview we are talking B2B copywriting & Mike reveals…

* Mike’s recommended training course that he went on to get really great at B2B copywriting

* The major differences between writing to a business rather than a consumer

* Exactly who you are writing to when B2B copywriting

* The keys to persuading a business buyer

* Why business buying decisions are still based on emotion as well as logic

* The 2 hurdles you must jump over or you won’t make the B2B sale

* Words or ideas. Which is more important in B2B copywriting?

* How to transform complex ideas into simple human language

* Something that will cause confusion & ruin your copy (And how to avoid it)

* The 13 most powerful words in copy

* 3 tips that will help you increase your email click through rates by up to 267%

* And more. Click the play button below to listen in…


Mike is occasionally available for hire & if you need a B2B copywriter then he is your man. You can also get Mike’s free report 10 proven ways to increase your click through rate by 267% here