How to get up to 20% conversion rates – An Interview with Patrick Powers

Patrick Powers Patrick Powers Copywriting & Conversion Tips

Patrick Powers is one of the UK’s most well known marketing and business strategists. He specializes in networking, high conversion copywriting and pitching strategies for small businesses and start-ups. He is the author of two books “Turn your contacts into cash” & “Only suckers settle for less than rich”. He also runs one of London’s most popular meetup groups “Entrepreneurs in London” which sells out every single month.

In this exclusive interview we are talking all about getting high conversion rates & Patrick reveals…

* How he became a top UK copywriter even though English was his second language

* The “split personality” method you must use to write high converting copy

* Why you should never try to make the sale too fast or you’ll lose the sale altogether

* How Patrick created an email campaign that converted 20% of the entire list into buyers! (Yes, you read that correctly)

* 2 secret ingredients to selling high ticket items of $1,000 or more

* The 3 best mediums to sell with for massive conversions

* Why you shouldn’t use a benefit driven headline?

* The key to making the urgency factor in your offer more believable

* How not to write an email (Patrick pulls apart one the worst emails he has ever read & shows us why it sucked so bad)

* 10 copywriting masters that you should learn from

* And more. Click play below to listen to the interview


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