On this page I have listed customer reviews as well as positive feedback from my seminar attendees, subscribers and blog readers who have been kind enough to put in a good word for the work I have done for them or the information I publish.

Joseph is one of the most creative and highly intuitive marketers i've ran across in a long-time. His attention to detail and knowledge in personal branding, social media marketing and traffic generation is a KEY factor on why I recommend Joseph for your projects. With over 5+ years of Internet Marketing experience, Joseph is a people person, true to his word and he will get the job done on time. Joseph doesn't talk the talk, he walks the walk.

Terrance Charles, Texas USA

Joey Bushnell is my go to guy for FaceBook ads and Social Media advice. He has helped me gather thousands of super targeted leads & make more sales FB advertising whilst doing the best he can to keep our costs per click down, so that the ROI is even bigger. If you are thinking of running an FB ads campaign then Joey is the right guy to tell you what you need to know.

Kavit Haria, UK

I've been online for over 12 years now and have seen hundreds of internet marketing "gurus" come and go. Guys like Joe, who are incredibly skilled and talented with online marketing... they tend to stick around. When I first chatted with Joseph, I knew there was something different about him. I could tell he was head and shoulders above most of the typical internet marketers I've seen. Not only was Joe knowledgeable and helpful in almost every single area of internet marketing and social media marketing... I honestly don't think I've ever met a nicer guy. In this day and age it's rare to find someone with incredible internet marketing skills ANDwho is such a joy to be around... but Joe has proven it's still possible. If you ever get a few minutes out of your day to chat with Joe, do it, it will be well worth it.

Shawn Lebrun, USA

Joseph has been an absolute blessing to deal with! By far, he's one of the most creative SEO experts I've ever dealth with. Not only did he take my input and help me rank higher, but he also provided way more SEO and Social Media advice than I'll ever be able to implement. His attention to detail, SEO knowledge and Social Media skills were invaluable.

John Knoewles, USA

I turn to Joey when i need advice on social media marketing or search marketing. At the beginning I quickly went from skeptic to believer because it was so clearly obvious how well he knew his stuff. He is generous with his time & with the knowledge he shares. His tips & ideas can help you make money. Above all I now consider Joey a friend more than just someone I consult with. I will continue to seek out his expertise for a long time to come as the internet continues to evolve.

Andy Sacker, UK

I've collaborated with Joseph on several projects. He's a real expert and results-driven person. It was a pleasure to work with him and I am sure we'll be working on more social media projects in the future.

Domonica Alicia, UK

Thank to my mentoring sessions with Joey I was able to increase the traffic to my website from 5,000 unique visits per month to over 43,000 unique visitors per month! I get so much new knowledge & information. Joey is always there to help me further whenever I need. Joey is an awesome internet marketing mentor, try him out, you will be glad that you did!

Aina Neva Fiati, Indonesia

I've had the pleasure of working with Joseph Bushnell on several high-end social media marketing projects & day-to-day marketing consulting work. He is very intelligent and very well-studied. He has paid his dues to become a leader in the field of social media marketing and obviously continues to keep up with what's trending from week to week. Joseph has a unique way of combining trends, theory, testing, and real-world experience into solutions and actionable plans that increase social media reach and thereby revenue and ROi for the companies with which he consults. If you're looking for real-world results, I highly recommend working with him for your social media and internet marketing needs.

Eric Bryant, Maine, USA

Traffic & leads were difficult to get until I started wotking with Joey. Joey taught me how to get more targeted traffic & build an email list. We are now working towards my other goals like increasing sales & conversions. I would highly recommend his internet marketing consulting & mentoring services.

Anil Swarup, UK

Joseph Bushnell is a highly knowledgeable & skilled internet marketer. I've worked with Joseph on several occasions and have also invested in his social media training courses which have been great at helping my own business as well as my clients. He always overdelivers in value and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs help with online marketing.

Mo Mastafa, UK

Joseph is a pleasure to work with! He is a real expert in his field and navigates the world of social media effortlessly. While Joseph's knowledge is very broad, he tailors the solutions he offers to suit your individual business needs and circumstances. That way, every moment you spend with him adds true value. What impacted me the most was his positivity and his realism. He has a great attitude and really gives you the encouragement you need to remain committed to your success. As he truly wants you to succeed, his advice is trustworthy and reliable. I would recommend consulting with Joey to anyone who wants to stop the frustration of wasting time and money with tactics that don't work. If you want to finally have success with your online business & really get ahead then get in contact with him today.

Melanie Forde, UK

Joseph is a very intelligent, positive individual. Without a doubt, he's who we go to for increasing our internet presence. It's obvious that his string work ethic has helped him achieve a number of successes in his career, but he still makes time to help the small business owner (us). Specifically, he was able to breakdown SEO, Internet Marketing and Social Media to us in a way that enabled us to see that we COULD become. Through his help we have now been able to diversify our sources of income and increase our presence online. Without a doubt, I recommend Joseph and his team at JB Internet Marketing Services.

C.Alex Carracedo, USA

I consult with Joey on an ongoing basis because he keeps me accountable, motivated & full of fresh ideas. Every time we speak I gain some clarity or have a "light bulb moment" where I recieve a breakthrough idea for my business. He also goes the extra mile to help me out & is there 24/7 when I need his advice. If you need some guidance or direction with your online business, I'm certain that Joey is able to help you.

Dave Arena, New York, USA

Joseph truly "gets" social media and the necessity of attracting a viable tribe by sharing invaluable content. His marketing expert interview series, as well as his general blog offer incredible value. He knows what he is doing and I recommend him highly. Plus - you know - he has a great accent!

Viveka Von Rosen, Colorado, USA

I went from receiving just a few inquiries per month to getting a few inquiries per day after I applied Joey's marketing techniques. I even had my products featured on one of the UK's biggest TV shows 'Big Brother' because they found me online.

Temi Edun, UK

Joey Bushnell is a smart, dynamic, well-informed young marketing professional with an even greater future ahead of him. (It's amazing how much he's already accomplished.) He's unfailingly good-natured and pleasant to work with, and I recommend him with enthusiasm to anyone whose marketing efforts could use an expert makeover.

Rick Bayan, USA

Joseph is an exceptional leader in his field of expertise. He has helped me to take my internet marketing to new heights. I highly recommend connecting with him to gain useful insight into the different aspects of Internet Marketing. Thank you Joseph for all your advice and suggestions.

Gladys Coston-Gibson, Pennsylvania, USA

Joseph is a very skilled marketer specializing in social media and online marketing he is very successful at what he does. He knows what hs is doing and I recommend him highly!

Pauline Bennett, Greece

Joey is very professional, easy to understand and he knows how to navigate the internet and how to help his clients do the same. He is willing to "go the extra mile" to insure his clients' success. I completely endorse him. I have enjoyed completely my association with him and will continue to rely on him and his expertise.

Raleigh Hussung, Nashville, TN

I have had the privilege working with Joseph Bushnell for quite some time. My initial impression of Joseph, when we first met, was that of an extremely intelligent and driven entrepreneur who had an uncanny sense of not only how social media work, but how to bring it to market. Needless to say, my initial impressions did not do justice to his abilities as a professional. Joseph is the consummate professional with a deep desire to educate others whilst fulfilling his own passion as a social media & digital marketing entrepreneur. I would highly recommend that anyone looking for social media or digital marketing services, as well as mentoring & coaching... look no further than retaining Joseph Bushnell for all your digital marketing needs.

Martin Casper, Oregon, USA

Joseph is professional, dedicated and passionate about what he does. He is a great addition to the Internet Marketing industry.

Emily Bonialla, Florida, USA

Thanks a lot Joey. You helped open my eyes to some traffic methods that I didn't know even existed until you taught me them! You also gave me some really invaluable tips on how to improve & get the best out of the methods I already have implemented. I look forward to working with you & seeking your help again in the future!

Vincenzo Migliore, Manchester, UK

Before Joey's coaching I was scared of running Facebook ad campaigns, becuase I wasn't sure how to make my adverts targeted and I thought it would cost me a lot of money to advertise on Facebook. Learning from Joey was a great experience and a big step forward for my business. I am now in full control of my FB advert budget. I know what numbers to look at to estimate how well my advert is performing, when and which as to pause and why. Joey also taught me when it is the right time to play with your bid cost and lower your bid, and that the picture is as important as the title and the ad content. I became much more confident and I now promote webinars using Facebook ad campaigns.

Irina Milova, Russia

Joseph's insights during a one-on-one mentor session for breaking into the social media scene were invaluable. Not only did he provide useful tips for gaining a web audience, he was also very resourceful in directing me to essential links to get started. I highly recommend his services as a web marketing mentor.

Matthew Renfer, NC, USA

I've always known Joseph to be a warm and caring person who operates from a very inspirational and motivated mind. He is very thorough in his professional life and has definite leadership skills. I'm very pleased to have Joseph as a friend and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone seeking assistance with Internet Marketing knowledge.

Toni King, Bundarberg, Australia

I've had the absolute pleasure of working with and learning from Joey. It's been great. I even had him as a sguest speaker at my event The Ministry of Traffic in June 2011 where he gave killer tips on Facebook marketing. He is very honest and very zoned in on helping other people with their social marketing which is not always easy to find in this industry. Thank you for what you've done and I wish you continued success!

Phil Turner, UK

Thank Joey for the service you gave me to improve my Twitter Marketing & other traffic dirving techniques. I was able to dramatically increase my number of followers in a short space of time. I appreciate the on-going supprt that you continue to provide. I would recommend others to use Joey if they want to get results with Internet Marketing & Social Media.

Juan Genovese, Asuncion, Paraguay

Joey is one of those rare individuals that can make sense of the mysterious technological side of the internet and social media, and also build the deep human relationships that make the business world go around. A terrific, professional partner, Joey's knowledge goes deep and also wide, meaning his solutions are not just pertinent to your immediate problem, but strategic in terms of fitting in with everything else (you might not see) that's relevant to your business. A great guy to work with and one who really gets results!

Rob Brown, UK

Joseph has a unique and refreshing way of approaching online marketing, and I've learned a lot from him.

Michael Craig, Atlanta, USA

Joseph is extremely dedicated towards work and he has an in depth knowledge of Internet Marketing and Social Media. I was fortunate enough to work with one of the top Social Media Strategists.

Mayank Verma, Jaipur, India

Joseph has done a tremendous job working with us to improve our internet marketing efforts using Twitter. He takes a refreshing approach to internet marketing and it is really paying off. Our followers have grown, and I already made two sales in the last week of implementing his strategy.

Ricardo E. Castaneda

When it comes to social media Joey really known what he's talking about. He'll help you cut through the background noise and make a splash in your market. If you want to build your social media following, and get your message out there get on this program.

Gavin Ingham, UK


Joey is one of those guys that you just have to admire and respect when you look at all that he has achieved over the past couple of years since I've known him - true grit and dedication to what he believes in - he wears his heart on his sleeve with passion - WYSIWYG is never a truer word! See you at the top Joey!

Andy Piper, UK


Joey has compiled one of the most comprehensive marketing resources available online today. From internet marketing to sales and copywriting, he discusses all the important topics with some of the world's greatest experts. I always check out his interviews, and every time I'm rewarded with valuable insight I can put into action in my own business and on behalf of my clients.

Donnie Bryant, USA

A brief summary as I would have ticked all the boxes for Joseph as he is truly a great mentor and leader in his fields! I wish you all the success you work for Joseph you deserve it!

Matt Remorino, Brighton, UK

Joseph, with the number of inquiries I regularly get for interview requests, I was initially going to add your request to my list and have my assistant schedule you in a "first come, first served" manner, however not only were you pleasantly persistent, your knowledge of the media in the UK and the US was very impressive. I had such a great time during our interview on media publicity and your follow-up was just great. It was great fun to work with you and your brother. You've got an open invitation to reconnect whenever you'd like to schedule another interview.

Sanyika Calloway Boyce, New York, USA

Joseph is a very skilled marketer specializing in social media and online marketing, who truly cares about his customers and provides them with the best service he can offer. He always looks for ways to improve the service and to be fair to his clients, which coupled with his very friendly personality makes him a recommendable person to work with.

Kamil Wawrzyszko, UK

I contacted Joey in regards to increasing my Twitter presence. He taught me how to increase my followers, where to look for people who wanted to hear my message based on keywords & showed me the tools to save me time. We continue to talk from time to time when ever help is needed, he responds promptly every time! Many thanks for the help Joey.

John Scholz, Los Angeles, CA

Joseph Bushnell is a highly dedicated person who will be successul in what ever he does. He has got terrific business acumen which have made him a successul businessman.

Anurag Dubey, India

Hi Joseph, Just wanted to say what a great presentation you did yesterday at the Ministry of Traffic event. Thanks for sharing all those tips, I have now resolved me Fan Page issue, Thank you!

Nicky Price, UK

I knew I had a lot to work on in regards to inline makreting and social media, I was a bit confused to say the least. Thanks to the Social Media Marketing Academy I now know how to start. Thanks!

Singe Eriksen

Joseph is a very skilled marketer specializing in social media and online marketing, he is very successful at what he does and is a pleasure to work with.

Bill Walker, UK

Hi Joseph! Thank you for the presentation yesterday. Off the back of it I have just negotiated my first Facebook JV!

Paul Harrison, UK

Thank you very much for your presentation yesterday at the BizMids event - it was very useful and interesting! It was particularly motivation from my student perspective and has given me many ideas to consider. Could I also quote you on some of the things you said (from the presentation) within my dissertation which focuses greatly around customer liaison and social media.

Carla Leighon, UK

Joseph is a true professional. It seems to me that he knows everything about Internet Marketing. I still need so much to learn from him. He's got great communication skills and professional approach to business.

Slava Rybakla, LA, USA

Thanks for the talk last night Joey, I was implementing a few nuggets in the middle of your presentation, have a few more to implement this week. Good stuff will stay tuned for more.

Mitchell Bourne, UK

Joseph Bushnell specializes in marketing and social media, he has the knowledge to help you in todays market and help you do what it takes to be successful online.

Robert Goss, Florida, USA

Absolutely fantastic presentation you gave today at the Biz Midlands, pitch perfect. Full of useful social media tips to implement!

Jacqui Thompson, UK

Joey created my blog header and opt in boxes for my blog. He did an amazing job, I am so please with the results. I found him to be awesome to work with and his price was reasonable. I would highly recommend him to anyone nd I would definitely use his services again. Thanks again Joey!

Denise Doxilly, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for taking the time to present your strategies. It was all very interesting and you have given me enough work for a few weeks to come. Will start working on them immediately and will update as time goes on. Time and budget permitting I will also become a client of yours in the not too distant future.

Santiago Navaroo, UK

Joseph is a top flight internet marketer and social media consultant. Offers a personal service and goes the extra mile for his clients everytime. Would recommend.

Sean McPheat, UK

Joseph has a great way of teaching socil media marketing tactics that even the most inexperienced person can understand and use. His training is fun, simple to implement and most importantly, gets results!

Hamza Hamza, UK

A great pleasure to meet you last night Joey. Thank you for a fabulously informed and extremely valuable night.

Emily Gordon, UK

Hi Joseph - enjoyed your presentation and now I know where to start! Can I rent your brain for a few weeks.

Liz Johnson, UK

I thought last nights seminar was excellent so enlightening for someone like me who knows nothing. I felt so enlightened, recommend!

Nicola Sills, UK

Thank you very much Joseph for helping me set up on my Facebook Page for Fabulicious Cakes. I really appreciate it.


Thanks for a brilliant talk at the Biz Gen Conference, taking all your tips on baord. Hoping for the best on my online presence.

Joanna Beth Phillips, UK