How To Write Words That Sell – An Interview with Richard Bayan

Richard Bayan
How To Write Words That Sell – An Interview with Richard Bayan

Richard Bayan is the author of the hugely popular books copywriting and marketing reference books “Words that sell” and “More words that sell”. Copywriting legend Dan S. Kennedy has said that the book “Words that sell” is the most important, frequently used reference book a copywriter will ever own.

In this interview I ask Richard for specific examples of how to find the most suitable words that will have the most impact when someone reads our sales message. Richard reveals…

  • How to use "Grabber" words that pull readers into your copy
  • Why you should avoid using common or over used words and cliches
  • How to combine features and benefits for the most powerful impact possible
  • How to use transition phrases to take your readers from subject to another without ruining the flow of the copy
  • 14 magic response words for you to swipe and use
  • Clincher words that seal the deal and make your reader want to buy
  • The kind of words to use at the "moment of decision"
  • How to avoid needless "puff speak"
  • Some evergreen principles of copy that will never change
  • Where you can find words that will make your copy come alive with colors, sounds and textures
  • And much more. Just click the play button below to listen to the interview...

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You can get more from Richard including his list of top 100 words over at his website

Also I highly recommend that you get both of Richards books – “Words that sell” and “More words that sell”. They have helped me to time and time again to find the illusive word I was looking for whilst writing copy. You can get them at the amazon link below…

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