Websites that convert into leads & sales – An interview with Keith Gilmore

keith gilmore websites that convertWebsites that convert into leads & sales

Keith Gilmore works with mid & small sized businesses and entrepreneurs to show them how to create websites that convert into leads and sales. He does this using a variety of techniques including print persuasion, consumer psychology & direct response design.

In this interview Keith reveals…

* How long we have to grab a visitors attention when they land on our website (Sorry, but it’s not very long)

* How to make your visitors stay on your site for longer

* The”above the fold” rule that will keep visitors interested in your websites message

* The 6 questions you must ask before you can write a powerful headline

* How to use reverse psychology to get people to click on your adverts

* The “Reptilian hot button” method that will make your readers crave your product or service

* Why you really want a Ferrari

* An obvious but often overlooked way to get many more sales from your website

* An easy way to guarantee more inquiries from your website

* How “semantics” can make something negative, sound much better (Or even make it sound positive)

* What color “Buy now” buttons work best for conversion rates

* How to design a website that converts

* Why sometimes it’s best to forget what your high school English teacher taught you about grammar & writing

* The single most important element of emails that get opened & read (If you get this wrong, your emails will forever be ignored)

* The 4 crucial parts of a good piece of email marketing

* Why the saying “The money is in the listisn’t true

* And lot’s more. Click the play button below to listen…


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