Ted Nicholas Interview

Ted Nicholas

Ted Nicholas Interview

Ted Nicholas is without question one of the worlds greatest copywriters & marketers. He has sold over $8 Billion worth of products and services during his illustrious career. He is quite simply the best of the best & in this exclusive interview he spills the beans on some of his most closely guarded money making secrets which will help you get more customers.

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In this short interview Ted reveals…

* The “Hidden Benefit” technique Ted uses to write multimillion dollar headlines

* 1 powerful word which can make people willingly pay more money for your product (Clue: It begins with “D”)

* How to use transition phrases so your copy flows smoothly from one idea to the next

* A surprising method to test the readability of your copy

* 2 words you must never include on your order form or you will lose many would-be sales

* How to construct the perfect order form

* An easy tactic to make people hurry to buy your product right now

* How to use discounts & bonuses to push hesitant readers into action

* The 2 typefaces you should use in your marketing materials for maximum results

* And more! Just click the play button below to listen & if you find it valuable, please share it with your network!

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