Story Selling To Get More Customers – An Interview with Alan Forrest Smith

Alan Forrest Smith

Story Selling to get more customers

Alan Forrest Smith has spent over 27 years studying business from the front lines & has used story selling in some form or another from a very young age. At the age of 10, Alan started his first business painting old bikes for friends on the housing estate where he lived. By the age of 11 he had bought an old sewing machine and created his second business tailoring trousers for prison wardens and school friends. By 15, Alan had started another money making scheme cutting hair and charging his friends and family for the service. At the age of 16, Alan got his first full-time job as a Landscape Gardener. By the age of 20, Alan then became a hairdresser and by 1989 Alan opened his first hairdressing salon.

This is where Alan’s marketing & story selling skills were discovered and honed enabling him to take his salon from new start-up to number one in a town of 35 salons in less than 18 months using low cost- high return very clever marketing strategies.

Around the year 1999 a handful of salon clients began to ask Alan who was creating his marketing materials. This was Alan’s first opening into creating marketing materials for others willing to actually pay him for the service.

His first marketing client campaign brought a result of 47% response rate from a direct mailer which led to sales of over £800,000 within a 12 month period. The client had previously lost tens of thousands in trying and having a go at marketing. Alan cut costs, created ultra effective direct marketing campaign that resulted in sales and made his first marketing client very happy.

This led to more and more clients asking Alan for his newly discovered marketing services.

By 2004 word had spread via the web, this led to Alan training others in places as far as Australia, New Zealand, USA and many other locations all over the Earth. By 2010 Alan has spoken to well over 25,000 people all over the World and held his own weekend marketing intensives annually to huge acclaim.

Alan is a master of weaving stories into copywriting & marketing materials that the reader can relate to & then buy because of the story. In this interview I ask Alan how we can also use story selling to sell more of our own products or services. Alan reveals…

* How he was able to use story copy to sell millions of dollars worth of products & services for his clients

* Why stories work better than anything else in copywriting

* How stories are built into the human psyche from a very young age making us more likely to listen & buy when we hear one

* The fascinating story behind a sales letter that consistently pulled £250,000 per month for a TV crew company

* What reading bedtime stories to his children taught Alan about story selling

* How to make your sure your copy gets read the entire way through, from start to finish

* 3 ways to keep your story believable

* What to do if you don’t think you have a compelling story to tell

* How we can use questions to lead people seamlessly through the story all the way to your offer

* And lot’s more. Click below to listen to the interview…


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