Starting Your Own Copywriting Business – An Interview with Peter Bowerman

Peter Bowerman Well Fed Writer
Peter Bowerman Well Fed WriterStarting Your Own Copywriting Business – An Interview with Peter Bowerman

Peter Bowerman is the author of The Well-Fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency as a Commercial Freelancer in Six Months or Less, The Well-Fed Writer: Back for Seconds: A Second Helping of “How-To” for Any Writer Dreaming of Great Bucks and Exceptional Quality of Life and The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living

His books have helped aspiring copywriters worldwide to enter the lucrative field of commercial freelance copywriting – writing for businesses, both large and small, and for hourly rates of $50-125+. In this interview I ask Peter how we can establish our own copywriting business which gives us a great income as well as the lifestyle of our dreams too. Peter reveals…

* How he was able to pay off all his bills after just 4 months working as a copywriter

* Why companies will actively seek a commercial freelance writer (it’s an in demand industry)

* Why it’s low risk and low overhead meaning greater chance for success and profits

* How copywriting can give you the lifestyle you crave (even working at the beach you like!)

* 4 ways to get new clients

* How to build your reputation as a writer so that big companies want your services

* 3 easy ways to get your very first copywriting job

* Someone you can partner up with to kick start your copywriting business and make finding work much easier

* 1 technique where you can create a portfolio of work, even if you have no customers at all!

* How one of Peter’s students was able to build a $4,000 a month part time copywriting business and then earn $163,000 in his first year working full time

* The “Law of averages” technique for getting a constant stream of work coming in

* The ideal sized company to work with as a freelancer

* And lot’s more! Just click on the play button below to listen to the interview…




You can get the Well-Fed Writer Package that we speak of in the interview right here including The Well-Fed Writer, The Duluxe Well-Fed Tool Box and The Well-Fed Writer Timeline