The Keys To Fast Business Growth – An Interview with Paul Lemberg

Paul Lemberg

Paul Lemberg helps business owners become wealthy. No joke, he’s done it hundreds of times: his private clients have collectively pocketed a whopping $360 million in profits. He’s also worked with Fortune 500’s like Cisco, Goldman Sachs and IBM, but his real love is showing entrepreneurs how to multiply their sales and profits and do it easier and faster than ever before.

He’s been at it for a long time. Paul started his first software company with a partner and $3,000 of credit card debt, selling it three years later for millions. He then launched a second company, which ultimately sold to a large international bank.

After a few years as a market strategist for giants like AT&T, HP and Dell, he found his true passion working directly with business owners creating wealth. There wasn’t a name for what he was doing so he coined the term “business coaching” to describe it.

Paul is the author of the business best seller, “Be Unreasonable,” and has created a series of powerful business growth training courses.  His latest programs are “Blueprints to Profits” and the brand-new “Getting Started in Business.”

In this Interview I ask ask Paul how we can grow our businesses faster & more consistently than we currently are. His content is rock solid, so grab a paper & pen, some of the gems in this audio could really help you take your business to the next level. Enjoy

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