Networking Strategies to Get 15 Times More Business – An Interview with Rob Brown

Networking Strategies with Rob Brown

Rob Brown is one of the world’s leading authorities on personal marketing, networking strategies, executive presence,referrals and reputations. He is the head of the global networking council & the author of the best selling book “How to build your reputation”

In this interview I grill Rob for his very best networking tips. He reveals…

* The networking strategies he used to multiply his income by a factor of 15 in just 13 months!

* The 6 best places to find people to network with

* Where to find your ideal prospect & target exactly who you want to meet

* The secret to never getting nervous & being full of confidence when meeting new people

* How to make a great first impression

* The “Early touch of the ball” method that will get you fired up for a networking event

* The “3 to 1” technique which will help you quickly identify if the person you are talking to is a potential client

* How to ask better questions & tell intriguing stories to make yourself unforgettable

* 2 questions you can ask to really get people to open up about themselves

* The 4 P’s of opportunity

* How to end the initial conversation so you have a second meeting

* Tips for following up & landing some business

* Why the “Law of recency” means you need to use “keep in touch marketing” or your competitors will get all the business

* 8 common networking blunders

* Why introverts can often be the best networkers

* How online networking has changed traditional face to face networking into a blended networking strategy

* And lot’s more! Click the video below to listen to the interview…

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