Mastering Conversion – An Interview with Kevin Rogers

Mastering Conversion – An Interview with Kevin Rogers

Some of the worlds best copywriters are singing the praises of this guy, Kevin Rogers. Kevin went from stand up comic to copywriter, quickly building an esteemed reputation in the copywriting industry. In fact “John Carlton” says he is one of just a tiny handful of people that he would trust enough to write for him.

Kevin is behind some of Clickbanks (and the internet marketing worlds) biggest launches. And the reason they sold like crazy was because Kevin knows exactly how write sales letters, launch sequences and emails that make people want to buy

In this interview I ask Kevin for his best tips on how to write great copy as well as how to avoid some of the biggest mistakes that rookie copywriters make. Kevin reveals…

* How to give stories to create rapport & sell

* How to get perfect testimonials from your customers

* Why empathy in copy is overrated

* Why you must get right to the point in copy

* How assumptions can kill your sales message & what you should use instead

* How to talk to your reader & not at your reader. Plus 3 masters who you can swipe this style from

* Kevin’s list of 6 power words and phrases to make your copy more potent

* How to kick the “Internet Marketing style” of hype, manipulation & sleaze out of your copy

* 3 big tips for newbie freelance copywriters – How to get educated, how to price your writing services & how to deal with a nightmare customer

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