Charging $1,000+ Per Month For Each Local Marketing Client – An Interview with Kevin Wilke

kevin wilke local marketing_Charging $1,000+ Per Month For Each Local Marketing Client – An Interview with Kevin Wilke

Kevin Wilke is the founder of Nitro Marketing, a training company which teaches people how to start their very own extremely profitable local marketing business.

Local marketing is in huge demand right now. Small to medium sized businesses all over the world are desperate for more leads and sales. Many of those local business owners know the huge potential of the internet in bringing them more trade but lack the knowledge and skills to tap into the online goldmine.

That problem for local business owners has presented a massive opportunity to online marketers, who can team up with local businesses to help them dominate the local online presence for their industry. In this interview Kevin reveals…

* Why local marketing is in big demand since the 2008 recession

* How you can charge premium prices of between $1,000 – $5,000 per month for just one local marketing client!

* How to find the right type of client who can realistically pay those kinds of fees

* 6 types of online marketing you can do on your clients behalf so they dominate online local search

* How to pitch your services to these local business owners so it’s a simple, no-brainer proposition for them

* How to give your prospect confidence in your service by showing them results in advance (before they pay you a single penny)

* How to get a clients long term commitment without having to resort to legal contracts

* 5 ways to do warm approaches when prospecting for new customers

* How to use outsourcing to make sure this business doesn’t take up all your time

* And more. Just click the play button below to listen to the interview….




Click here to watch Kevin’s 90 minute webinar where he walks you step by step through the entire local marketing business model