The 5 Main Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic – An Interview with Justin Brooke

Justin Brooke
The 5 Main Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic – An Interview with Justin Brooke


Justin Brooke is one of the worlds leading experts on traffic driving. He knows every trick in the book when it comes to getting targeted visitors to a website.

If you could do with more people visiting your website then you have got to listen to this interview

Justin reveals…

  • The 5 main types of traffic
  • How to get ranked 1st page in Google (Hint: It has nothing to do with SEO)
  • A super easy method for getting people to put your ads on their sites and email their lists for you
  • The 4 best ad networks to run banner ads
  • How to get website visitors back to your site after they have left
  • And much, much more! Just click the play button below to listen to the interview or you can read the entire transcript. Enjoy. And remember to share this with your network if you find it useful 😉

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Joey Bushnell: Hi everyone. This is Joey Bushnell and today I have with me a fantastic guest whose name is Justin Brooke. He is one of the worlds best experts on traffic generation. Justin thank you so much for being with me today.

Justin Brooke: Thank you for allowing me to be on this call

Joey Bushnell: Justin, how did you get into online marketing and traffic generation?

Justin Brooke: Well I’d always been an entrepreneur as a young kid. I was selling candy out of my backpack and upgraded from there to selling candy with juice boxes as well. So I’ve always been selling, always had dreams of owning a business and living differently than the employee lifestyle that wasn’t for me.

As I got older I was in a sales job and realized that I was making 35% commission and my boss was making 65% commission and I wanted 100% commission. So I decided I was going to go into business for myself. That was quite a big decision, I quit my job way too early I jumped in head first.

To cut a long story short I found out about the Score Organization and what they are is a bunch of senior citizens who are retired executives, CEO’s, accountants and it’s run by the small businesses administration, it’s a free service and will help you start your business.

I walked in there (and I heard of some guys like Russell Brunson and Frank Kern) I saw these guys were making money online. They had websites that were making money and that’s what I wanted. So I walked into the school organization who is a bunch of old, long time, traditional business guys and I said “I want a website that pays my bills“. This guys just started laughing at me and said “Yeah, don’t we all!”. So that frustrated me but I love to be the underdog nothing pushes me more or lights the fire under myself more than when somebody tells me I can’t do something, especially if somebody laughs at me.

6 months later I walked into that office asking for accounting advice because I had a website that was paying my bills.

What I had done is I had gotten really lucky, I got an internship with Russell Brunson. I saw a post he made in the warrior forum and he was looking for someone to work for free so I was like “Heck yeah, I’ll work for free and learn everything you’ve got.” I went out there, paid my way to Idaho, stayed with him and worked free for 30 days. I ended up outsourcing most of the work he was wanting me to do so that way I could spend more time with him.

Coming from a sales background I also helped him solve something he was doing wrong on his sales calls. I helped him out, made some switches to his script and saved him over $100,000 a year. He took me in under his wing, I got the education of a lifetime, applied everything that I had learned there and by the time I got home I had a website that was making me about $1500 a month. At that time that was enough to pay most of my bills. So that’s how I got started.

Joey Bushnell: Awesome. These days you’re known all over the world as “The Traffic Strategist” so you’re at quite a high level, there’s not really much you don’t know about traffic is there?

Justin Brooke: Part of my job as an intern for Russell Brunson, he has got one of the largest marketing libraries in the world. He is literally always searching to see if someone has a bigger library than he does. He spent over $250,000 on this marketing library. My job was to go through the courses, write up reviews for them so he could post them on his site and get an affiliate commission.

So here I was getting to tear through DVD’s, books and audio courses of the greatest marketing training on earth, some of these courses were $1,000 or $5,000 to buy. So I got the education of a lifetime. 

Then what I did was took that information went back home with it and when I went home I was still broke. I didn’t make any money while I was there. But I took the last $60 that I had after I had paid half of my electric bill and used that $60 to set up a Google Adwords account. I remember I wrote up a report to my wife about how I was going to take the $60, start a $2 a day budget and drive it to this website which had a little info product which I had learned how to do from Russell.

Long story short I took that $60 and started up a pathetic little Adwords account made $150 my first month, paid back the electric bill, reinvested in it and doubled my money for 11 months in a row and I had a 6 figure business by the time I was done after that year.

Joey Bushnell: Very cool that’s a great story. So what are the main types of traffic that we can get and which are your personal favorites?

Justin Brooke: There are 5 traffic methods, in fact later on today I’m having a meeting here in my office with my team to go over the 5 types of traffic.

We do a lot of Facebook here and re-targeting. So some of my team members have never been introduced to all 5 of these. This whole month I’m just training people we aren’t doing any sales calls, just training my team on these 5 methods. I believe these 5 traffic methods are everything you need and these will get you millions of visitors.

It is Google, so with Google you’ve got SEO, Adwords, banner ads and re-targeting so there’s the Google Network.

Then there is Facebook PPC

Then Banner Ads,

Email Ads,

and CPV Ads

With the banner ads, retargeting is banner ads essentially so I couple that with banner ads.

But with Google, Facebook, display ads or banner ads and email what we do is go and look for people who have big giant newsletters 100,000 subscribers or 1 million subscribers, we approach them and we ask to pay them to send out an email on our behalf. There are lots of these out there where they will take advertisements. So we will pay them to run an ad to their email list, that works tremendously well.

Then CPV which is basically pop-ups but they’re not the malicious virus type pop-ups. It’s permission based pop-ups from people who have joined networks where they wanted to see something and now they are getting pop-ups because whatever they got was free.

So with all 5 of those methods you can get what I would say is unlimited traffic and the only reason that I hesitate on saying unlimited is there is a finite amount of people in the world but it’s essentially an unlimited amount of traffic.

Joey Bushnell: Do you believe in free traffic Justin or is there no such thing as free traffic?

Justin Brooke: Technically there is no such thing as free traffic, you have to work for it all. Even word of mouth traffic you still have to build the product, do customer service and all of that stuff.

But there are traffic methods where you don’t have to pay any money to get the traffic like SEO, Social viral traffic. I believe in that stuff I do a lot of that stuff for myself.

I do a lot of inbound marketing. I’m a customer of Hubspot and we do a lot of blogging. I get a majority of my customers through social and blogging.

I do not pay any attention to SEO, I haven’t for the last year and a half. It’s just there’s too many crazy things going on in the Google world. When you get your own traffic outside and Google sees that you don’t need to rely on Google to run your business, Google will give you traffic. They see that you are a popular website and you’re getting traffic from all these other sources and then they say “This guy is popular and he’s not even using us so bam!” I rank number one for how to market a product online and I have for a long time, so that’s my theory on free traffic.

Joey Bushnell: Sure, so the fact that you were doing well with traffic anyway, Google then ranked you first place? That’s cool to know.

So let’s go through some of these other traffic methods that you use. One major source of traffic for a lot of people is affiliate traffic. Do you have any tips for getting affiliate traffic?

Justin Brooke: For affiliate traffic are you taking about JV’s?

Joey Bushnell: Yeah, I guess any kind, some people may not know how to run an affiliate program. For example Ryan Diess, the other day he did a big launch for Authority ROI and he had lots of affiliates mailing out for him, do you know how that is done?

Justin Brooke: Yeah I’ve done some of that. The way I see it in the affiliate world for anybody that is a newbie that is listening thinking “How do you even start with an affiliate program?”. If the program you have has a shopping cart software that allows you to give a tracking link to a friend or another website owner when they send you traffic, it tracks the sales from that and then you are able to pay them a commission for that sale.

So the software that I use for it is Nanacast. A lot of guys use Infusionsoft.

The most popular thing people are doing today is they are getting a couple of friends in the industry and doing a big product launch. John, Michael, Billy-Bob and Susan will email out for you and I call that a JV promotion.

But what I specialize more in is turning my customers into affiliates. There is no better salesman in the world than someone who has just bought your product and is happy that they bought it.

If you can show that person, “You’ve just bought this product, I know you like it, that’s why you bought it. Did you know you can get paid for telling your friends about it?” Then I immediately give them an affiliate link and I show them how to promote it. That’s how you can go viral with your traffic is you’re bringing in these customers and now your customers are becoming an affiliate army for you.

The other thing that I’ve done is I like to do long term affiliate traffic and long term affiliate partnerships. I think product launches are great but I’m more of a long term guy. I would do a product launch as a one phase thing. I wouldn’t do a product launch then a product launch then a product launch. So you launch the product get all of that buzz, do everything.

Then ongoing what I do is, I approach an owner of a website and I send them a one sentence email. It’s important that I send them a one sentence email because you don’t know this person, you don’t have a relationship with them yet. If you send them an affiliate pitch, it’s spam. They’re not going to read it, they’re not going to reply.So it’s a one sentence email and it’s geared specifically just to get a reply so that now we have a conversation. It’s not a conversation until they reply.

That one sentence is “Hey I was checking out your website(put their website name) and I was wondering if you take paid advertising? Or do you accept paid advertising?” That’s all I send them. It’s basically like “Hi, I saw your website I would like to know if you would allow me to give you money”. So it’s really easy for them to reply to.

70% of the people that I send that to say “Yes what were you thinking about?” Then we go from there and sometimes you find out that they’d be willing to accept paid advertising at a really low price. A lot of website owners out there do not know what to price their advertising at. If they are giving you a really low price shut up and take it. Don’t give them an affiliate link where you have to give them 50% of your sales. I have had website owners with massive traffic tell me “I’ll put a banner up for $100 a month” I’ll take that all day long!

But if they tell me a price which is higher than I would like to pay then I tell them “OK that’s sounds fine I can definitely pay that, however I want to have a long term relationship with you. I don’t want you to find out about this down the road but a lot of my affiliates are making more than what you would be charging me. Let me know if you’d rather be an affiliate. I can set you up in 24 hours. I’ll get you a link you can promote it then you would be making more money than I would be paying you. Or if you want to keep it simple and me just pay the lower fee I’ll pay that. Let me know what you want to do.” Most of the time they want to become an affiliate.

Joey Bushnell: Very cool. Are you going 50/50 with them Justin? Do you have a rule of thumb when it comes to the percentage of the sale?

Justin Brooke: It really depends on what is being sold. For my service business there is no way I could give 50/50. So it’s more of a 10% or we do a referral fee for people.

If it’s an info product it depends if it’s a front end. A lot of times I’ll do a 100% commission on a front end product. I used to sell a $1 e-book. I’d give 100% on that and we paid out instantly. So people would promote and them bam, all of a sudden they would see all of these payments coming into their PayPal. They’d get all excited about that and want to promote it. So if it’s a front end product sometimes I’ll give 100%. Most of the time it’s somewhere between 25 – 50%.

Joey Bushnell: My next question is what are solo ads and are you a fan of them? Do you have any tips on how we an use those in our business?

Justin Brooke: Solo ads are one of the most successful traffic methods we’re using right now. A lot of people call it “dedicated emails

What it is, is finding someone who has a large email list like a newsletter or some sort of subscriber list. You approach this person and you ask them if they would be willing to send out an email. The reason it’s called a solo ad is because nothing else is in the email except your offer.

So you would send out an email to their email list and they are in contact with these people, that’s what makes it not spam they have permission to write to these people. They send out your advertisement on your behalf to their subscribers and now all of those people are going over to your website.

Joey Bushnell: Do you have any tips as to how we can approach people and arrange a solo ad with someone?

Justin Brooke: Yeah it’s the same thing. You go to their website and look to see if they are collecting emails. They will have either a newsletter sign up box or a type of opt-in form. If they do, I’ll write to them and say “I saw your website, I saw that you have a newsletter, do you accept paid advertising?” Then I just get that conversation started.

Now that the conversation is started we can start negotiating. They will write me back and say yes we do, here are the options. Then from there I might go the affiliate route or I might say “That price is just a little bit more than I wanted to pay. I would be happy to pay that in the future, can you give me a better rate on the first email so I could test it out and if it works I’d be happy to pay your normal rate” and a lot of times they’ll jump for that.

Joey Bushnell: Sure, how does this differ from ad swaps. Do you have any tips for ad swaps?

Justin Brooke: Ad swaps is instead of you paying to go out to their list you are sending out an email to your list on their behalf and they are sending out an email to their list on your behalf. So you are just trading which is a great strategy.

But it’s something that people have to be careful about because if you do that too much then you are sending out a lot of offers to your email list and you can burn out your subscribers really quickly. So if you do this too much your subscribers are going to be like “What? I subscribed to you, not all of these other guys. I didn’t subscribe to you to see a different advertisement every single day” so be careful with how much you do this.

I do it once in a while. What I really like to do is pay other people. I like to keep my list really clean. I don’t do a whole lot of JV promotions or affiliate promotions. I do them very seldom, only for the absolute best products or for people that are real friends. That way I keep my list real clean and it’s much more powerful for me that way. If they start getting used to another advertisement every single day, I feel like it’s watering down their response rate.

Joey Bushnell: What are your favorite places to run PPC or banner ads?

Justin Brooke: For banner ads I would say, or is the yahoo outlet for banner ads. So just like on Google you have the Google content network and you can put banner ads and they will go out to all the websites where Google has Adsense. is the yahoo version of that.  So if you want to place ads on the Yahoo properties you go through Adready. is the AOL version of that. So if you want ads to go out on the AOL properties then you would use those are some great places to place banner ads.

Another one is however with Sitescout it’s what they call remnant traffic. If you approach a website owner directly and you do a media buy with them, media is just space, that’s all that means. So if you do a media buy with a website owner directly that is the best traffic quality you are going to get. You are going to pay more but you are going to get the priority.

The next level down is the ad networks

Then the next level below that is remnant traffic. Remnant traffic isn’t bad traffic but you have to imagine that these are the last impressions. It’s kind of the left over traffic. With Sitescout you are using remnant traffic and as the left over traffic you really need to have a mass appeal offer.

If you’re trying to sell your “How to make your parent talk”, “How to potty train your cat” or “Pet lobster secrets” or whatever it is, that’s probably not going to work with remnant traffic. What works with remnant traffic is “How to loose weight”, “How to make money online” or “How to get rich”. It’s all mass appeal stuff that anybody in the world would be interested in.

So that’s banner ads but you also asked about PPC and for the most part I run all of my PPC ads through Facebook. Google has so many rules, they’ve made everything so complicated. There are so many places where you can get traffic and the only rule is did you pay your bill? and are you not doing anything illegal, hateful or hurtful to someone? So if you are doing things legit and you are paying your bill, then you buy your clicks and everybody is good.

But Google has all these rules and stipulations. So I like to go through Facebook but even Facebook lately has been getting a lot of rules. It’s because when you become a really large traffic network you attract bad apples. The bad apples get in and that’s where the rules come from but I really love Facebook. On Facebook you have half the world for half the day. These people aren’t on Facebook for 2 minutes. These people are on Facebook and they are leaving the tab open on their computer all day. Half the world is on it for half the day. That’s a pretty good place to start.

Joey Bushnell: Definitely. What is Retargeting and how can that help us?

Justin Brooke: For many years in all of advertising, you did an advertisement and if that person went to your website and you didn’t collect a lead or a sale they were gone. They disappear, you spent your money, it’s gone and you have to spend your money again to try and bring that person back.

But with re-targeting you put a code on your website and now you are tagging people. So if somebody comes to you, you buy an advertisement, say a Facebook ad. They come to your website, the code tags them and now as they start browsing other websites out there, they are seeing your banner ads.

They are thinking “Wow, that’s a coincidence I was just on that website?” Then they see your banner ads on another website and another website and they’re like “Oh my gosh! This guys banner ads are everywhere, he must be really popular”

The other thing that it really does for you is, you have to realize that life is going on for your visitor. Your visitor is not some robot who is so happy about your website that they aren’t going to do anything else in life until they complete whatever sequence that you have designed for them. No. They have kids flying in the background, a boss looking over their shoulder and whatever is going on in life. They may see your ad and are interested so go to your site and then their boss walks by and they have to quickly shut down all the tabs on their computer or the kids start crying or dinner is ready, whatever is happening is life, they end up walking away from your website and closing down their browser.

Now later on at night they are on YouTube or some other site and bam here comes an advertisement about the website they were on earlier and they’re like “Oh yeah I was looking to buy that thing, let me go back there.” It’s a super powerful method.

When you combine retargeting or you put that little code in your solo ads that is huge! So now you are dropping an email out to these 100,000 subscribers, they open the email, it tags them and now all of a sudden they start seeing your banner ads all over the web. This is something we do for our clients and it is killing it.

We do Facebook with re-targeting in email, they’ve seen your ads in email then they log into Facebook later on and see them there. Then they go on the web and they see your ads all out on the web because of retargeting it’s huge! you swarm them you are everywhere they go.

Joey Bushnell: Brilliant! This little code that helps us stalk them everywhere they go on the web, where do we get that from?

Justin Brooke: You can get that from the network you join. My favorite network to do retargeting in is

There is a lot of them out there but with you can get in for a really good price. They have great quality traffic, they have different prices like CPM and things like that. They also have great customer service, a great interface, good flexibility in what they allow you to do in creating segments and other stuff. I like Perfectaudience a lot and you get the code right from inside their interface.

Joey Bushnell: You mentioned earlier Justin about CPV traffic, where can we buy that?

Justin Brooke: is the best place to buy that kind of traffic. There’s other networks with direct CPV but Trafficvance is the king and the best.

However you have to come in with at least $1,000. You do get to use that $1,000 but you have to have that as a minimum deposit and even if you have that money you still have to have someone in the network who will vouch for you. Not just anybody can join that network and that’s why they have some of the best traffic because they have the filters to make sure that only good people and serious people with serious budgets are joining.

If you want to get started for a lower price and test it out is a place where you can jump in for $50 minimum or maybe $200 minimum.

Joey Bushnell: My next question is, what factors will determine whether we get a positive ROI?

Justin Brooke: A lot of people lean on the traffic and they blame the traffic for the ROI. But just like a man and a woman can’t have a child by themselves, it takes two. So it’s the traffic and the page that you send them to.

So many people create a page and they are in love with their sales page because they wrote the copy or designed it. A lot of the times they have spent so much money on that page that they are in love with it, high-fiving their designer then they turn on the traffic and it doesn’t give them an ROI. They are paying $1,000 and only getting $100 or maybe they don’t earn anything at all. They blame the traffic but what I believe is really to blame is on your sales page.

Wherever you send the traffic to that’s the thing that does the conversions. If your page can’t convert the traffic into sales it’s not necessarily the traffic’s fault, it’s more so the sales page’s fault. But it takes two.

There is a campaign that I’ve had before in weight loss. My weight loss banner looked great and I was sending that traffic over to the landing page but I wasn’t framing the person correctly, it was a little bit too vague. Then once I framed them correctly, for example before it was a general weight loss ad. It was a skinny, happy woman and it said something like “learn tricks to weight loss, click here to find out”. It was so vague.

Then what we did was, the sales letter was about green coffee bean extract which is really popular right now and this extract is helping people loose weight. So we changed the banner to be a picture of a big giant coffee bean then we said “Is this the weight loss bean? Find out how this bean is helping people lose weight and have more energy” So we framed that correctly, anybody who saw that ad they are thinking weight loss and they want to know more about this bean.

Now when they hit my landing page or sales page and they see it’s about the bean they are in the right frame of mind. They want to hear more about this thing so that is when the conversion takes place. If the page didn’t convert the visitors still then it doesn’t matter, so it takes two but really focus on your landing pages and sales pages.

Joey Bushnell: Cool, my final question is what tools will show us what is working and what isn’t? Is there anything that will tell us how successful we are being with our traffic?

Justin Brooke: Yes, I’ve developed my own tool called “PixelTrakk”.

You can use whatever you want, there is a lot of stuff out there. There’s Hypertracker, Cpvlab, Google analytics, Infusionsoft. There are so many things out there.

You should also be doing split testing which means you use 2 different pages, you’re rotating them with one link so your visitors are seeing 2 different pages so you know which page is increasing your results. But what is most important is that you use a tool that will be easy for you to use.

If it’s not easy for you to use, you are not going to do it. Google analytics is free but it’s not very easy to use for most people. It’s really easy to go in there copy and paste a code, put it on your website then you can go in every once in a while and check to see “I’ve got 1100 clicks. They are spending an average of 3 minutes on my website”. But anything more if you want to find out conversions, referral paths and if you want to get the real analytic data out of there, it’s kind of hard. You have to do the right things and other stuff.

Just make sure whatever you use is easy. That is why I built Pixeltrakk. I’m trying to solve that problem out in the world that tracking and split testing is too hard. Pixeltrakk will make it the brain dead easy version of it. We are not the all mighty, all powerful bells and whistles version. We are just the plain and easy version. It doesn’t have to be my thing but use whatever is easiest for you.

Joey Bushnell: Awesome Justin, thank you so much for this interview. I’ve really enjoyed it, you have shared brilliant information with us. Where can we get more of this kind of information from you?

Justin Brooke: I have a blog over at It’s a traffic blog. we have a bunch of articles there about paid traffic, free traffic, optimization, industry news and resources, things like that.

Or you can hang out with me on Facebook over at I usually post a tip or a thought everyday on there about traffic or sometimes I read a really good article or see a good video and I’ll post it on there.

Joey Bushnell: If anyone is interested in Pixeltrakk where can they go for that?

Justin Brooke: You can just go to You can get a free 30 day trial, no credit card needed. We feel that if you don’t like it then don’t pay. So go there test it out, no restrictions whatsoever, just

Joey Bushnell: We’ll include links for those so go over there and check out Justin’s blog, his facebook and if you are interested in Pixeltrakk then go over there too.

Justin once again thank you for doing this interview with me today it’s been great.

Justin Brooke: No problem, thanks for allowing me to be in front of your audience and I hope everyone has found this really helpful