How You Can Become A Highly Paid Speaker – An Interview with James Malinchak

James Malinchak is America’s foremost authority on public speaking & selling from the stage. He has trained and helped some of the worlds best speakers to learn their craft.

Personally he charges between $20,000 – $100,000 as a speaking fee. He also sells his products and services from the stage. His personal best is selling over $1m in back of the room sales from just one event

He has won several awards and has also been featured on ABC’s TV show “Secret Millionaire”

In this interview I ask James how we can become a highly paid and in demand public speaker. James reveals…

* How he was able to go from being a complete novice speaker to earning millions of dollars selling his products from the stage

* 4 reasons why at the beginning of your speaking career you should speak for free

* Why anyone can learn to become a speaker

* How to get your first “big pay day”

* 3 steps to getting started as a highly paid speaker

* 2 methods to build your email list by speaking

* The easiest way to gain credibility as an industry leader who gets invited to speak

* 3 types of coaching programs that you can sell from the stage

* The number 1 way to kill your chances of making sales from the stage (this is one is shocking & counter intuitive)

* The formula which will help you avoid over teaching

* The “soap opera technique” to make your audience want to buy

* How much of your best content you should be giving away during a free presentation

* And much more. Click the play button below to listen in…

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