How To Make Money With FaceBook Ads – An Interview With Brian Bagnall

How To Make Money With FaceBook Ads – An Interview With Brian Bagnall

Brian Bagnall is an in-demand author, speaker and consultant.  He is the “the go-to-guy” for Facebook Social Ads.  He has shared the stage with marketing legends like Mike Filsaime, Chris Farrell, Mark Anastasi and Rich Schefren just to name a few. He is an advisor to Fortune 500 and major brand-name corporations as well as thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners worldwide. He has personally crafted and written ads, direct-mail campaigns, and has created online marketing that has sold billions of dollars of goods and services.

Brian Bagnall has worked hands-on with over 500 clients in 79 different business categories, and has helped hundreds of his private clients become millionaires and multimillionaires in a relatively short space of time

His digital products include “Lost” Recession Proof Marketing Secrets and 80/20 Rule on Steroids

In this interview he reveals his secrets for making money with Facebook adverts such as…

* The big differences between FaceBook PPC & Google PPC (If you don’t know this you will waste a ton of money with FB ads)

* Whether to use CPC or CPM bidding?

* How to create compelling ads that get clicked on

* The single most important part of a FaceBook ad

* The 70-20-10 formula for FB ads

* 1 type of headline that always attracts people to click on your ad

* The key metric to determine if your ad is successful or not

* The secrets of making money with sponsored stories & premium ads

* And more. Just click the play button below to listen to the interview (please feel free to share it if you enjoy it)…


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