Getting an ROI on Your Social Media Marketing – An Interview With Dawn McGruer

Getting an ROI on Your Social Media Marketing – An Interview With Dawn McGruer

Dawn McGruer M IDM AIBA has over 10 years experience in Digital & Social Media Marketing and has built her company, Business Consort – The Premier Networking Forum which hosts over 100 corporate networking events & training courses a year across the UK up to a subscribership of 2 million – Check out Dawn’s recent interview about Social Media For Business Profits filmed by The Telegraph Business Club at

In addition, Dawn’s courses are all accredited by The Chartered Institute of Marketing plus she also trains ‘The Digital Marketing Diploma’. As well as hosting a variety of speaking engagements in the business world and is regularly sought for comment on social media news stories by the press.”

In this short interview Dawn reveals…

* Why you can compete with the big companies because of Social Media

* How to never cold call again, by using Social Media to warm up your prospects before calling them

* 3 reasons why every business must have a Social presence in 2012

* How to keep your audience totally glued to your updates

* The importance of starting off on the right foot when it comes to relationship marketing

* The formula to calculate how often you should be posting on your social networks

* Dawn’s recommended tool that will help you schedule your posts in advance & measure how engaged your audience truly are

* 3 ninja tips for Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

* And more! Just click below to listen to the interview (and feel free to share it with your network if you think they would get value from it)


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