Selling to Human Nature using Emotional Marketing – An Interview with Vin Montello

Vin montello

Selling to Human Nature using Emotional Marketing

Vin Montello is a TV script writer turned copywriter. He used to write for the hit kids show “The Rugrats” & many other popular shows. A few years ago Vin left Hollywood behind to go into marketing but he took his writing skills with him to create his own unique style of copywriting & emotional marketing that sells like crazy.

In this interview we dive deep into the human psyche. We discuss how selling to peoples emotions & to their human nature can help us make far more sales

There is no trickery or anything unethical involved. This is about connecting with your reader in a way that resonates with them.

In this interview Vin reveals…

* How to easily dissolve your readers defenses

* Why an understanding of human emotions is your unfair advantage as a marketer

* How emotion + logic in your offer will seal the deal

* When to reveal the price of what you are selling

* The “Value build” method to make people feel what you are offering is a no-brainer

* A jedi mind trick to get people to agree with you

* Why you cannot successfully write to someone unless you understand what motivates them

* Where to write your copy (Hint: Not in your office)

* The “open, salt & heal the wound” method that will make your readers feel like your product is the only solution

* Why you must make it super easy for people to buy or risk losing the sale

* The “buyer as hero” story technique that will help readers to picture the outcome your product will give them

* Why we love to feel part of an exclusive club

* Why sex sells

* We’ll also be discussing all these specific emotions or aspects of human nature in detail & how you can use them in your emotional marketing copy… Greed, Pain, Fear, Hope, Laziness, Pride, Vanity, Prestige, Social status, Fun, Adventure & even Sex

*And more! Just click play below to listen to the interview…

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