Thinking Inside The Box: A System For Coming Up With Great Ideas – Interview with David Deutsch

David Deutsch
Thinking Inside The Box: A System For coming Up With Great Ideas – Interview with David Deutsch

David Deutsch is frequently referred to as one of the top direct response marketing consultants and copywriters in the USA. His copywriting has sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of his clients’ products and services.

David Deutsch is also the author of “Million Dollar Marketing Secrets” and “Think Inside the Box!” which isa critically acclaimed business creativity book that reveals a revolutionary new way to generate ideas

And that’s the topic of today’s interview. I discuss with David the creativity aspect of copywriting. If you have ever sat down to write copy, you will know that sometimes you don’t know where to begin, what angle to take or how to say it.

Luckily David has created an entire system that can help you come up with ideas “on tap”, just use the system and you’ll come up with fresh ideas.

In this interview we discuss this as it relates to copywriting and marketing although the system can be used in any aspect of your business or even your life

David will be revealing…

  • Why your marketing must be far more creative than your competitors
  • Why you should think "inside" the box not "outside" the box
  • 6 ways for coming up with new ideas
  • How the P90x fitness program turned a negative thing into one of the main benefits of it's program
  • 5 techniques to help you get writing when ideas aren't forthcoming
  • Some very simple strategies for becoming a better persuader
  • And lot's more. Just click the play button below to listen to the interview and please remember to share it...

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