How to Create & Sell Large Volumes of Your Own Info Products – An Interview with Brad Gosse

brad gosse create info productsCreate info products & sell them

Brad Gosse has over 15 years experience of marketing online in many different niches. He is the author of the popular new book “Chronic Marketer: Confessions Of A Half-Baked (But Highly Paid) Internet Marketer”. He is also the creator of many top selling info products in this interview we are talking all about how you can create info products & then sell them by the bucket load.

Info products come in all different shapes & sizes. You just take your knowledge & package it a way that others can learn & benefit from. They include books, ebooks, podcasts or video training which can sell for hundreds of dollars. Then there is the stuff you can charge thousands of dollars for like done for you services & high end consultancy. If you would like to know how to make a lot of money simply by selling what you already know then you have to listen to this interview.

In this Interview Brad reveals…

* How to add far more increased value to your info products so people will happily pay you more for them

* Why there will always be huge need for you to create info products regardless of how much info is already out there on the internet for free

* How to create info products easily & quickly

* How to sell low priced products online in large quantities

* 3 places you can get cheap targeted traffic to sell your products

* The formula to using webinars to sell your info products (And the best type of product to sell on webinars)

* How Brad sells high ticket items of up to $30,000

* The exact process to turn your self published book in an amazon bestseller

* A sneaky trick to make your book go viral on FaceBook

* And more, just click on the play button below to listen in…


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