Compelling marketing messages – An interview with Donnie Bryant

Donnie Bryant

Compelling Marketing Messages

Donnie Bryant is a copywriter who helps his clients produce edgy marketing messages, direct response and editorial copy that generates measurable, profitable results.

In this interview I ask Donnie why businesses are failing with their marketing efforts & how they can do it better. Donnie reveals…

* The 4 ways businesses are sabotaging their own marketing & killing their chances of getting new customers

* A simple but important to lesson to be learned from “Old Spice” commercials

* The number 1 writing mistake that will make people stop reading your marketing messages

* The “knock them off balance” technique to keep peoples attention squarely on your marketing message

* 3 devastating effects that the recession is having on businesses (Plus how to safeguard & recession proof your own business)

* Why cutting your marketing budget is the most stupid thing you can do in a down economy

* Why some businesses outgrow other businesses by 250% during a recession

* Why you can’t persuade anybody or change their mind

* How to earn a place of trust & importance in your readers mind

* Why you should forget about using a USP (unique selling proposition) & use a UVP instead

* Why neglecting 80% of your market is good for business

* The “40-40-20” rule which determines how successful your ad will be

* How to craft a mouth watering offer

* How to give a strong call to action that people respond to right away

* Why psychologically you wouldn’t want to buy a Rolex for $10 even though that might sound like an amazing deal

* A great way to reverse all the risk so the buyer feels super comfortable when ordering

* And more. Just click the play button below to listen in…

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