Chris Marlow Interview

Chris Marlow InterviewChris Marlow Interview

Chris Marlow has been a student of direct response marketing since 1979 & has been teaching how to write great copy to others for nearly 2 decades. She has received some of the most prestigious awards that can be given to a copywriter including a Pioneer award, a Maxi award & 2 Echo awards. The companies she has written for include household names like IBM, Blue Cross, Nike, Reebok, Toyota, TRW, Qualcomm, Dell Computer and Novell.

Chris is widely recognized as the  industry’s first coach and is now known as the “original copywriter’s coach” in a market now flooded with other coaches. This led to her innovative and powerful course for landing elite clients, the Marlow Marketing Method™ for Copywriters.  Today she focuses on teaching copywriters how attain their goals for marketing, money, and productivity.

In this interview Chris Marlow reveals…

* How much you can potentially earn per year as an in demand copywriter

* What the 3 different types of copywriting are & when to use them

* The 14 steps to writing copy that sells

* Why sometimes it is better to write copy that gathers leads

* Which type of copy you need to use to sell high ticket items

* How to get loads of testimonials that say exactly what you want!

* A design element that is paramount to keeping people engaged with your sales copy

* 3 easy ways to read the minds of your target market

* How long you should make your guarantees

* 2 tips on pricing & why you most of the time you should actually charge more

* How to construct the perfect squeeze page to get loads of email subscribers

* How big your list needs to be to have a thriving business (not as big as you might expect)

* The 3 secrets to writing email copy that sells

* And more. Just click the play button below to listen in…


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