Trust Based Selling – Ari Galper Interview

Ari Galper

Ari Galper Interview

How to eliminate pressure from the sales process!

Ari Galper is the world’s #1 trust-based sales expert with over 45,000 clients, members and subscribers

Ari’s deep understanding of human communication and how it can be maximized in the sales process has lead him to discover the solution to the most dreaded selling experience of all: personal rejection.”How to ELIMINATE Personal Sales Rejection Forever… And Make More Sales!”

The sales techniques that we were taught by the “sales gurus” contradict everything we know about what it takes to build real relationships. But isn’t selling just another human relationship – a business relationship? No one likes to be pushed and no one wants to talk to someone who is only out to get what they want.

If you flick through most of the sales books and training manuals today, you’ll find a constant flow of messages like, ‘Focus only on closing the sale’; ‘Be relentless’; ‘Accept rejection as a normal part of selling’; ‘Chase the sale’.

In short, get the sale at the expense of the human relationship.

Chasing the sale makes selling a gut-wrenching and painful process both for you the seller, and your buyer.

Ari Galper, the founder of the best-selling sales program Unlock The Game®, has “cracked the code” on how tomake the shift from chasing the sale to building authentic relationships based on trust, authenticity and integrity — creating more sales than you could ever have imagined!

Unlock The Game® has helped thousands of business owners break free from sales rejection along with substantially increasing sales results.

  1. -Eliminate pressure and tension from the sales process
  2. -Rip up your sales scripts and easily get your message across
  3. -Stop chasing prospects and gain the respect you deserve
  4. -Get rid of your “fear of phone” once and for all

– Stop “pitching” and start problem solving

During the call Ari mentions that you can get a free test drive of 10 email lessons of audio seminars over at his website which you can get at

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