Easy Ideas to Attract Prospects and Get More Customers – An Interview with Tom Trush

Tom Trush is a direct-response copywriter, marketing strategist and founder of Write Way Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona.  Tom Trush has helped business owners in 126 industries develop marketing materials that attract attention and create customers.

Tom is also the author of “The Reluctant Writer’s Guide to Creating Powerful Marketing Materials: 61 Easy Ideas to Attract Prospects and Get More Customers” and the soon-to-be-released “The ‘You’ Effect: How to Transform Ego-Based Marketing Into Captivating Messages That Create Customers.”

In addition to working with clients across the globe, Tom shares his educational approach to marketing at seminars and workshops, as well as in his own information products. He firmly believes you can’t go wrong in your marketing when you show compassion and a desire for helping people.

In this interview Tom reveals…

* How to avoid “Ego-based Marketing” which will kill any chance you have of making  a sale

* How to sell without pitching!

* The “Genie in a bottle” method to create attention grabbing headlines on demand

* The copywriting formula for gathering leads & email addresses on your website

* Why it’s easier to make sales without any face to face interaction

* How the “Little guy” can compete with the big companies that have huge budgets

* Two magic words that will increase your conversions instantly

* How write persuasive emails that get opened, clicked & responded to

*An easy trick to get your list to spread the word so their friends sign up to your list too

* Why you should be using snail mail to build your list too

* And much more, click “play” below to listen to the interview….

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