6 overlooked ways to market your business – An Interview with Chris Lomas

Chris Lomas

6 overlooked ways to market your business

Chris Lomas is the senior copywriter at Clear Comms, a UK based copywriting agency that specializes in producing marketing communication that is crystal clear. Chris writes copy  in plain English, he leaves buzzwords & fluff to one side. There are many different channels through which you can market your business & Chris has experience with all of them.

Most businesses have a website. Many will do email marketing. But the vast majority of small businesses just leave it there. They don’t tap into the huge potential of the other marketing methods at their disposal (And if they do, it’s often using poorly written copy)

In this interview I ask Chris what these forgotten marketing channels are & how we can use them successfully in our business. Chris reveals…

* The 5 keys to becoming a successful copywriter

* Why most copywriting pieces fail

* How to avoid saying too much in your copy & risk taking away from the message

* 3 steps to writing a first-class product description

* How to write very a concise story in just a paragraph or two

* The big secret to writing a company profile that oozes with personality

* How to collect lot’s of high quality case studies from your clients

* The type of case study that works best & will give you massive credibility & proof

* 2 major differences when writing editorial articles for magazines & newsletters

* When to use press releases

* 3 situations that make for a newsworthy story that the media will love

* And much more. Just click the play button below to listen to the interview…

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You can get in contact with Chris or get on his monthly newsletter by visiting his website. If you would like to contact Chris to see how he can help you market your business you can email him on chris@clear-comms.com