My Traffic and Conversion Summit 2014 Highlights

Traffic and Conversion Summit highlightsMy Traffic and Conversion 2014 Highlights

About 3 weeks ago I attended the Traffic and Conversion Summit 2014, in the beautiful city of San Diego. Where over 2,000 of the worlds top online marketers gathered together.

I traveled all the way from London, England and it was well worth it. It’s one of the best online marketing events in the industry and I had a great time.

I have just been going over my notes and cherry picking the bits I’m going to implement in my business.

I thought I would share my highlights and biggest takeaways with you here, you can either listen to the podcast directly below or read the show notes…

Or you can get the full Traffic and Conversion Summit Notes 2014. Click here…


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If you don’t know about T&C it’s one of the online marketing industries must attend events. It’s hosted by Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher and this year they’ve brought a new partner on board, none other than Mr Frank Kern.

T&C Grand Hyatt

All 3 of these guys are marketing geniuses plus they invited a load of really smart guys and girls to take the stage and share their best content with us.

Big names include Neil Patel, Ezra Firestone, James Schramko, Laura Betterley, Carl White, Tim Ash as well as business gurus Kevin Harrington and Kevin O’Leary.

Day 1 session 1 was called… What happens next? (What will really matter in 2014) by Ryan Deiss. In this presentation Ryan identified 3 big shifts he expects to see in 2014.

Shift 1 – Online, social and mobile advertising is going native.

Meaning that traditional online ads are becoming less and less effective due to banner blindness. In 2014 us marketers are going to have to become a bit more subtle. Native advertising such as news feed ads, sponsored tweets or related content is a more seamless way to get our advertising noticed by blending in with everyday consumer experience.

Shift 2 –   The emergence of long tail and experiential eCommerce

Long tail meaning in the eCommerce space you can only compete with the big retailers by niching right down

And experiential meaning consumerism as recreation. Online shoppers do love to shop not just a necessity but also as a hobby, they do it for the fun of buying something and the dopamine release that shopping can provide.

Online shoppers want their item to be unique, exclusive, custom and they want the shopping process to be an “experience” in and of itself.

Shift 3 – Consumption mentality and commoditization of everything

Online consumers are adopting a “dollar store” mentality. They will still spendTraffic and conversion summit money but they want “lots of littles”. And they will still spend higher but they will only do it with those they trust.

Perry Belcher joked that consumers are no longer “sleeping on the first date anymore” they want to try you out first. Date you, kiss you, and then work their way up to bigger things.

He also said the winners will be those who can successfully lower the barrier to entry for customer acquisition without reducing brand equity or life time customer value.

In session 2 Roland Frasier and Richard Lindner of digitalmarketer outlined their formula for conversion funnel optimization which became a recurring theme throughout the conference and much of the rest of the content was centered around this formula.

There’s 5 part’s to the funnel sequence…

  1. Lead magnet
  2. Tripwire
  3. Core Offer
  4. Profit maximizer
  5. Return path

The first step is very common, the lead magnet, we see it everywhere. It’s your free offer which you giveaway in exchange for an email address. Then on the thank you page, your newly acquired lead to your tripwire.

Your tripwire is an irresistible low priced offer with the sole purpose of turning that prospect into a customer. It doesn’t matter if your offer is $1 or $5, something really low, the point is they have spent money with you, regardless of how small. They are now a paying customer. You’re not looking to make profit this stage, it’s self liquidating in many cases. You’re funding your own customer acquisition.

Then once they have purchased your tripwire you send them your core offer. This is your main product, the one you intended to sell all along.

Then once they have bought your core offer you show them your profit maximizer which is your upsell.

Of course not everyone will follow this sequence perfectly straight through every time so that’s where step 5, the return path comes into play. Your return path allows you help that person to come back to the last step they did not complete and complete it.

So if someone opts-in for your lead magnet but doesn’t buy your tripwire, you need a follow up sequence to get them to make that decision to buy the tripwire. If they bought your tripwire but not your core offer, you need another sequence to get them to do so. If they bought your core offer but not your profit maximizer you need a follow up sequence for that.

In session 3 Perry Belcher expounded a bit more on the Tripwire.

He reiterated that those who can acquire the most customers possible will always win. He also said that it is the hardest time in history to get someone to part with their hard earned money with you, the first time. But the easiest time in history to get them to buy the 2nd and 3rd and 4th and so on.

It’s all about generating a list of customers, not about getting a list of prospects.

The tripwire is the way to accomplish this.

After lunch was session 4. These were the breakout sessions, meaning there were 3 sessions going on at the same time. The session I chose to go to was Frank Kern’s How to use webinars to sell high ticket consulting”.

My biggest takeaway was the indoctrination sequence which he taught. With webinars having flooded the internet, people just don’t value them anymore. Attendance rates are at an all time low. Using the indoctrination sequence, you provide extra information between the person registering for the event and the actual webinar itself. This can be done with tutorials and reminders of what’s going to be covered, why it’s important, why it’s different and also handle objections. Basically you resell them on attending and this will increase attendance.

The fifth session was another breakout session and I again chose to see Frank Kern. This presentation was called “How I created a 175k a month consulting business”.

One big takeaway was he said to be very picky about what clients you decide to take on. Go for the easy wins! You look like a superstar and they can easily afford to pay you. Don’t take on the hardest project where the company is broke and has no momentum.

This is all about choosing the right segment. Frank does this using a very detailed application form, anyone who does not match up to his criteria, he does not work with. When someone fills out the form who is a perfect fit, he then does a free consulting session which turns into a “collaborative close”.

It extremely easy to do. All you do is on the free strategy session, you help them figure out a plan to help their business go to the next level. Then at the end you simply ask… does this sound like an effective plan to you? If they say yes, which they most likely will, you then ask “would you like me to help you implement it going forward?”

If they say no, thank them for their time and part ways amicably and if they say yes, you just landed a new client!

The sixth session and final breakout session of the day that I attended was by a guy who calls himself “Thor Saleswarlord” and his presentation was “How to close high-ticket phone sales over the phone”

He revealed his sales process which he called The Armour of God. The 5 steps were…

  1. To actively listen without interrupting, reward and reassure them that their objections are valid.
  2. Then remind, realign and reframe. Remind them of why they came to you in the first place and realign them with their ultimate goal.
  3. Then contrast and future pace, by telling them a story which helps them to visualize and feel their desired outcome
  4. Fourth he uses a trial close by asking the prospect to describe their own future
  5. And lastly when he feels they are on board, he asks for bank details

The final session of the day was a Q&A session with Kevin Harrington of As seen on TV and the wisdom he has collected after 500 product launches. The best nugget of wisdom I got from this session was Kevin said that we should fail fast and fail cheap. Test the product as soon as you can and find out if it’s hot or not. If it’s not move onto the next thing, don’t spend forever trying to flog a dead horse.

And that was the end of day one. My favourite sessions of the day were “The 5 step funnel sequence” and Frank Kerns “High end consulting” session. Needless to say, I was very tired and very ready for some sleep after such a long day.

T&C summit 2014The next morning we were up bright and early for the first session by Frank Kern and his “The victory equation” presentation.

In this Frank taught about positioning for higher prices, explaining that the total perceived value of a product or service is made up of the practical value plus the intrinsic value. The intrinsic value is where the money is at. He cites that a Rolls Royce sells for 3 times of a BMW even though the practical value to produce the car is the same. But Rolls Royce has been positioned better, it has greater intrinsic value. He then went on to give examples of how to build intrinsic value such as aligning yourself with other perceived authorities, being exclusive, being contrarian, rare, mysterious, things like that!

In session 2 we had the Wicked Smaht panel part 1. Wicked Smaht is where the members of Perry and Ryan’s elite mastermind “The war room” share their best ideas to try and win a prize.

There were some very cool ideas shared. David Lewinsky showed how he massively reduced his bounce rates to just 10% by having a landing page which had just a headline and 2 button choices, both with different options, instead of clicking away people feel compelled to click one of the two choices.

Neil Patel talked about Gifographics which are like the new version of infographics, only animated! He said they go viral, very easily. That’s definitely something I’m going to try.

In session 3, Ryan, Perry, Frank and Roland gave a presentation called “Steal these campaigns” dissecting specific campaigns that they have recently done using their 5 part funnel sequence and what they results were.

After lunch we had the breakout sessions again. I chose to go to the “The ultimate sales funnel for speakers, authors and experts” by Roland Frasier.

This session was quite a hands on work shop where we created our specific 5 step funnel for our specific expert businesses. They also shared the 20 top monetization strategies for this kind of business… online courses, books, reports, audios, videos, speaking, supplements, software, webinars, live events, newsletters, masterminds, membership sites, franchises, consulting, coaching, sales rep, physical products, teleseminars, services, 1-1 or group coaching, licensing of products, deals, stock in the company.

The next breakout session I went to was Neil Patel’s “How to get traffic for your blog”, the big take away from this session was Neil hammered home the importance of having super, super, super top quality content on your blog because in the competitive world of the internet, nothing less will work.

I’m a reader of Neil’s blog and he definitely practices what he preaches, he goes above and beyond with his content. He creates long lists, very thorough guides, infographics and other incredible content that has a high chance of going viral.

Oh and by the way, I did a podcast with Neil a couple of months back on this same topic, you should check it out!

In the final breakout session I went to see Ezra Firestone and James Schramko teach “How to build a podcast to number 1 on iTunes!”. They talked about the different types of show you can do on a podcast, how keep your listeners engaged and coming back for more, what recording and sound equipment to use, what podcasting tools to use, how to promote your podcast and how to monetize it. They covered all bases!

They recommended rode microphones for recording, amazon s3 or libsyn for hosting, bluberry powerpress for publishing to your blog and for transcriptions.

Traffic and conversion summit 2014

Both Ezra and James have been on my show and they both give massive value, go check their shows out at the links above.

And in the final session of the day, Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank spoke on “How to be an extraordinary investor”. This session wasn’t quite so relevant to my business model but had solid business tips all the same including the reminder that business is war and treating it any other way is likely to lead to getting beaten by your competition.

That was the end of day 2. My favourite session of the day was Ezra Firestone and James Schramko.

Another early start on the final day but the last day was a half day, not as long as the last two (which was great as I was a little exhausted by this point!)

The first presentation I attended was Wicked Smaht Part 2.

My favourite idea from this session was from Carl White. He outlined his stupidly simple method for getting things done. It helped him to alternate work weeks with a week off which is a dream lifestyle for most people, to work every other week. The method he described is so basic it sounds like nothing earth shattering but actually it’s very powerful and could transform your life as it did for Carl.

In a nutshell he said the way to avoid information overload and get bogged down with too many different projects, and ultimately getting none of them done, is he writes down all his good ideas and just picks one thing. And he does not stop or move on to anything else until that one thing is done and then and only then, he moves on. So simple but no one does it.

His advice for picking that one most important thing was based around these 4 questions…

  1. What will give you, your first dollar first?
  2. What are you most likely to finish?
  3. Do you like doing it
  4. Can you delegate it?

The next session was Lance Johnson from Conversion Geeks sharing the results of a bunch of split tests he’d done. Highlights included…

  • Adding discount timers to sales pages increased conversions
  • Order buttons with veripurchase outperformed buttons that didn’t have it
  • Adding Johnson boxes increased conversions
  • Scrolling headlines beat static headlines
  • Having a benefit recap before atc button increased conversions

Of course, don’t take any of these as gospel, different markets, different offers, different products are all going to affect things so you may not see the exact same results but these are interesting findings nonetheless.

The 3 easiest things to do a quick test with in the hope of a quick win was…

  1. The price of an upsell
  2. The lead-in or headline of your salesletter
  3. The offer

The last session of the conference was by Tim Hayden on Mobile Marketing.

Tim first started off by giving some eye opening stats on how increasingly dependent we a becoming on our mobile phones…

  • 70% of people have their smart phone within arms length 24/7
  • 51% of emails are now read on a phone
  • 70% of social media activity is happening on smart phones

And the upward trend will continue to climb as the 3rd world continues to get more and more access to mobile devices.

The overall message was to go mobile or go home! If you don’t have mobile friendly websites and emails, if you’re neglecting this then you are neglecting a huge portion of your potential traffic. As much as half of your traffic.

Traffic and conversion summit san diegoIn response to this I’m going to be making some changes to my own website and marketing, mobile traffic is simply too important to miss out on now.

I really enjoyed Tim’s presentation and afterwards I asked if he would come on the show to share his info with us and he agreed, so stay tuned for that on a future episode.

And that’s my highlights from this years Traffic and Conversion summit.

It’s a great event, I’ll be there again next year and maybe I’ll even see you there too!


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P.S. This post was published with the permission of the folks over at Digital Marketer

P.P.S. Tim Castleman wrote the official notes for Traffic and Conversion Summit this year. You should go get them. My highlights are cool, but they are only the tip of the iceberg. Get the full notes here.

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