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Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 18.28.56Looking for someone to talk about Online Business at your event?

Would you like to attend a seminar or workshop to learn how to market your business online?

Do you need someone to give training and fresh ideas to your marketing department?


If the answer to any of those questions is a “Yes” then you are in the right place!


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I need an Online Marketing speaker to give a presentation at my conference, seminar or event


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As always, if you have any questions, just get in touch!

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Hi Joseph, Just wanted to say what a great presentation you did yesterday at the Ministry of Traffic event. Thanks for sharing all those tips, I have now resolved my Fan Page issue, thank you!

Nicky Price, UK –


Thank you very much for your presentation yesterday at the BizMids event – it was very useful and interesting!  It was particularly motivating from my student perspective and has given me many ideas to consider. Could I also quote you on some of the things you said (from the presentation) within my dissertation which focuses greatly around customer liaison and social media.

Carla Leighon, UK


Thank for the talk last night Joey, I was implementing a few nuggets in the middle of your presentation, have a few more to implement this week. Good stuff will stay tuned for more.

Mitchell Bourne, UK –



Absolutely fantastic presentation you gave today at Biz Midlands, pitch perfect. full of useful social media tips to implement!

Jacqui Thompson, UK –



Thank you for taking the time to present your strategies. It was all very interesting and you have given me enough work for a few weeks to come. Will start working on them immediately and will update as time goes on. Time and budget permitting I will also become a client of yours in the not too distant future.

Santiago Navaroo, UK –


Hi Joseph – enjoyed your presentation and now I know where to start! Can I rent your brain for a few weeks

Liz Johnson, UK –


A great pleasure to meet you last night Joey. Thank youfor a fabulously informed and extremely valuable night.

Emily Gordon, UK –



I thought last nights seminar was excellent so enlightening for someone like me who knows nothing. I felt so enlightened, recommend!

Nicola Sills, UK –

Hi Joseph! Thank you for the presentation yesterday. Off the back of it I have just negotiated my first Facebook JV!

Paul Harrison, UK –


Thanks for a brilliant talk at the Biz Gen Conference, taking all your tips on board. Hoping for the best on my online presence.

Joanna Beth Phillips, UK