The Online Marketing News March 11th 2014 – Infusionsoft IOS App, Getty Images Embed, Facebook Pages Changes and Twitter Click-to-Call Ads


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Hi, welcome to the online marketing news on the 11th March 2014.

1.I mentioned last that Infusionsoft had announced they were releasing an app for IOS and android. Well today they’ve announced it’s here. So Infusion users go and download that today and get access to your CRM via your mobile.

2. Fiverr have just updated their IOS App. In version 1.34 they have made a lot of improvements to the collection and search features making using Fiverr on your iPhone even easier.

3. For those of you in the UK, you may be aware of the website, Skill Pages. An online marketing job posting site where you can post the online marketing job you need help with and willing candidates can apply. Skill Pages have just announced their upgraded service, Skill pages Gold which is a little bit like LinkedIn premium. You can see who’s viewed your profile, you can reach people with an extra messaging allowance and you get enhanced search and save features too.

4. Getty images the internets biggest stock images giant, who are famous for suing anyone and everyone who illegally uses their images, so much so that some people accuse them of that being their business model, have done a u-turn. It seems that seeing as they can’t sue everyone that they have been forced to think of other ways to monetize.

Now you can use their Embed code and iframe to use their images on your site for free and with no watermark. They will be making over 35 million of these images available.

Good news, right? Well yes, depending on your view point. Because with their iframe installed on your site they can collect data and rumour has it, that’s what they plan on selling in order to monetize. So there are privacy concerns. From my point of view, I’m happy to see them making this move, stock images don’t come cheap and this can be a good option for those who perhaps can’t afford to buy them and it means they can do this legally, without running the risk of getting a cease and desist letter from Getty.

5. Speakpipe, the website widget that allows people to leave you a voicemail via your website has improved their software by adding their inline widget to their offering. Previously, there was a dialog or pop-up window which asked visitors to leave a voice message but now you can add it to blog posts and give some more context to why someone should leave you a message. It’s more flexible and there’s more options than before.

6. Leadpages have designed a new lead gen page with an emphasis on Social Proof. The social proof opt-in page has a space at the top for you to show any media publications you have been featured in as well as a testimonials section at the bottom.

7. Wistia now have Ontraport Integration, if you use Ontraport as your autoresponder then you can now build your list using Wistia’s video marketing software.

8. Last week I mentioned that Todd Brown is launching his 6 Figure Funnel Formula Training Program and that is out on sale as of today. If you don’t know already, Todd is the best in the world when it comes to teaching how to make a profitable marketing funnel, he’s a previous guest on the show, he really knows his stuff. The training is just $297 which is ridiculously low! He should be charging several thousand for it so I suggest you take him up on his offer before it goes away.

9. Frank Kern has released a new book called Convert. You can get a physical copy sent to you in the post for free, all you pay is shipping and handling charge but the book itself is free. You may want to go and take him up on that offer.

10. In Facebook news, Facebook fan pages are about to change their layout and will be given a new streamlined look, it’s cleaner and less messy looking, I think it’s a good thing.

11. Along with this change will come the new “pages to watch” feature. It allows you to keep an eye on your competitors fan pages and see some basic analytics of how they are performing.

In my opinion I can only think Facebook are using this to pressurize people into spending more money with them. If you feel like people are watching your pages analytics then maybe will you feel like you need to try and boost your stats and the only way to do that is with their advertising. I love Facebook ads and think everyone should be using them, however this approach, pressuring people to start using them, in my opinion isn’t cool.

12. In Twitter news, Twitter have announced that they will be testing click to call technology in their twitter ads meaning someone who reads your tweet, can call you right there and then with the click of a button.

13. Instagram have struck a big advertising deal with Omnicom worth up to $100 million. It doesn’t change instagram ads themselves but allow them to be sold via Omnicom’s advertising agencies and therefore will be more likely to be used by more brands and companies that perhaps aren’t already.

14. In LinkedIn news, LinkedIn are extending their sponsored InMail capabilities to mobile meaning you can pay to reach people in their linkedin inbox which has been possible since last year but now you can reach them on mobile too where they are perhaps even more likely to read your message.

15. A few new podcasts which have come to my attention.

The Doberman Dan show, Dan is a previous guest on the show and he’s a top marketer and copywriter and I’ve loved it so far.

Ben Settle has a new show called Anti-Preneur, Ben is a top, top copywriter and I’m glued to his emails and now I’ll be glued to his podcast. Ben is lined up to be a guest on the online marketing show so stay tuned.

And finally Brendon Burchard has a new podcast called The Charged Life. This podcast has a mindset, personal development aspect to it as well as all the usual business and marketing stuff too. Go subscribe.

16. There’s some cool events coming up which I haven’t previously mentioned…

UK Marketing Summit 2 is taking place in Manchester, England this weekend, the 15th and 16th of March hosted by Simon Warner and Richard Fairbairn. Speakers include Alex  Jeffreys, Mark Lyford and Soren Jordansen.

James Schramko is holding Superfast Business Live in Sydney, Australia on the 20th and 21st of March. In addition to James himself, speakers include Ezra Firstone, Keith Kranc, Taki Moore, Justin Brooke, Dan Dobos and Andre Chaperon, just to name a few!

Icon14 – The annual event held by Infusionsoft is on April 23rd – 25th in Phoenix, Arizona. Top speakers include the CEO of Infusionsoft Clate Mask as well as Seth Godin, Jay Baer, Danny Iny and automation experts Jermaine Griggs and Brad Martineau.

Wistia are holding a video marketing workshop and seminar called Wistiafest, taking place in Cambridge, Maine on the 20th – 22nd May. The top speakers include Wistia co-founder Chris Savage and Rand Fishkin of Moz.

Digital Marketing conference, Clickz Live is taking place in New York on the 31st of March – 3rd April. This is such a big conference I can’t begin to name the speakers but two of the Keynote speakers are Andy Beal and Randi Zuckerberg.

Mark Anastasi is holding The Laptop Millionaire Leadership Training in several locations around the world. 12th-13th of April in London,England, 21st-22nd of June in Sydney, Australia and the 5th-6th of July in Los Angeles, California.

Daven Michaels and Beejal Parmar are hosting Beyond Business Live at several different cities across the US. Las Vegas, Nevada, 14th -16th of March, San Jose, California, 21st-23rd March, Los Angeles, California, 28th-30th March, Altanta, Georgia, 4th-6th of April, Dallas, Texas, 11th-13th April and East Rutherford, New Jersey on the 2nd – 4th of May.

Search Marketing Expo or SMX have several events lined up around the world before or in the summer. Munich, Germany March 25th-26th, London, England, May 13th-14th, Sydney Australia, May 27th and 28th, Seattle, Washington, June 11-12th and Paris, France, June 16th-17th.

Mo Mastafa is holding his SEO Profits Workshop in Cardiff, Wales on the 24th of April. I’ll be at that event, anyone listening in Wales or South West England, I’d love to see you there.

And last but not least I am going to be running several online marketing seminars for local businesses across the south of England. The first one is being held in Farnborough, Hampshire and several more in London, Guildford, Reading and Bournemouth, so if you live in this part of the world please stay tuned for confirmation of venues and dates which I will announce on the podcast and on my website.

That’s all for the online marketing news this time, until next time, take care

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