The Online Marketing News June 1st 2014 – Google Panda 4.0, Facebook Automated Posts, JV Zoo Updates & Zopim Bought by ZenDesk

Online marketing News 1st June

Online marketing News 1st JuneThe Online Marketing News June 1st 2014 – Google Panda 4.0, Facebook Automated Posts, JV Zoo Updates, Zopim Bought by ZenDesk. The Online Marketing Show Episode 153


1. An EU ruling has ordered that people should have the right to be forgotten from Google’s search reuslts. If they have unwanted search listings about them which are deemed to be irrelevant or outdated they can request those results to be removed from the SERPs. This opens a can of worms because it raises lots of concerns about fraudulent requests, freedom of information, the logistics of how Google will decide which requests to accept or reject and some other issues too, this is a big story and will be covered by mainstream media so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more on this as things develop.

2. Google rolled out their Panda 4.0 update last week, so there has been another shake up in the SERPs. Rumor has it that this is the update that Matt Cutts described as being “softer and gentler” and will help small businesses to still be able to compete in Google’s organic results. Good news for the little guy.

3. Bing ads have updated their performance trends graph to give an instant snapshot of how your ads a performing over different time periods.

4. In Facebook news, the new Facebook Pages redesign is rolling out more widely now, I logged into my fan page the other day and I liked what I saw. Their new one column layout is much easier to look at in my opinion. They have been rolling this out slowly this last month but all pages will start to be eligible for this new page layout soon.

5. Facebook have also announced that automated status updates or statuses coming from 3rd party apps will get less visibility in the news feed. They say that tests have shown these types of post get less engagement and they will be responding by giving them less weight in the news feed.

6. Good news for restaurant owners, if you have a restaurant and Facebook fan page, you can now upload a PDF of your menu and it will show as a tab on your Facebook page.

7. In Facebook ads news, premium video ads have now gone international, as I mentioned in previous episodes these were being rolled out in the USA but they will now start be available in the UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany and Japan. However Facebook are still being selective over who can use these ads, they don’t want this new ad type to be ruined by poor quality ads so this will only be available to a limited number of advertisers.

8. Pinterest have announced that business insights are coming so that brands can gauge which of their pins and boards are getting the most engagements, they will initially be providing this information by opening up it’s API so that 3rd party social media analytics tools will be able to tap and report back that data.

9. Pinterest have also announced their board widget for websites, you can paste the board into your website and people can see your latest pins and follow your boards all from your website.

10. Yahoo have announced they will be soon to release their own video sharing platform set to try and compete with YouTube, a big task indeed, but one carrot they will be using to lure content creators over to their platform will be far great revenue sharing than YouTube offers, we’ll see what happens.

11. Mozilla Firefox may soon be rolling out sponsored content in the near future, suggesting web pages or content that may be of interest based on a person’s browsing history. For us advertisers this may be a nice new shiny place to run ads, keep an eye out for that.

12. JV zoo have been very busy releasing lots of new updates including split tests for different variations of your sales pages, custom HTML can now be added to receipt pages and pre-filled order forms to make the checkout process go quicker. If someone has bought a product from JVzoo previously, they will be cookied then the next time they buy something their details will auto populate. They also worked out a deal with paypal so that subscriptions can last longer and the order value can increase. There used to be a limit of 3 years or $3,600 whichever came first but that limitation has now been increased to 10 years or $10,000 whichever comes first.

13. Infusionsoft have announced some new updates including better website analytics, increased email sending speeds, a faster,speedier experience within the Infusionsoft back office and all aspects of infusionsoft will now work on Google chrome. They also have released 3 new widgets inside the Infusionsoft back office. The contacts, email and sales widgets will give you a quick snapshot of your accounts most recent activity.

14. Contest domination have released a brand new page template which allows for 2 step opt-in boxes even on a mobile device, any contest domination users may want to go check that straight away. On the subject of contest domination, Travis Ketchum the founder of contest domination will be appearing on the online marketing show in the near future. Stay tuned.

15. Leadpages have announced a new membership level, the enterprise membership level which includes live phone support and leadpages coaching with their in-house trainers.

16. The chat widget Zopim has been acquired by Zendesk, apparently there won’t be many changes in the coming months except for improved zopim/zendesk integration but there may be more changes in the future.

17. The king of the product launch Jeff Walker has recently released his new book simply titled Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams. His products are usually high ticket so this a chance to learn his product launch secrets for the price of a book.

18. In events…

Hubspot are hosting a global event called Inbound marketing week. Over 50 events will be held through out this week at many different locations across the globe. I can’t all the dates and locations here but if you go to you can find out all the details and if any events are happening near you.

Perry Marshall is hosting the 4-man intensive, 48 hours to reinvent your business at his home in Chicago, on the 5-6th of June and September 18th and 19th.

Search marketing expo is in Seattle, Washington 11th-12th of June and Paris, France 16th-17th June.

Tanner Larrson is holding the sustainable online business summit in Orlando, Florida on the 13-14th of June.

The Social Media Strategies Summit is being held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on the 18th and 19th of June.

Michael Penland is hosting the internet marketing success seminar in Orlando, Florida on 27th – 29th of June.

Infusionsoft are holding their infusionsoft university events at several locations over the next few months. Chandler, Arizona 10th-13th of June & July 8th – 11th, London England on the 24th – 27th of June and Chicago, Illinois 22nd – 25th of July. Also they are holding one of their implementation accelerator events in Chandler, Arizona on the 18th – 20th June.

Youth Marketing 2014 will be taking place in London, England on the 1st of July.

SES, Search Engine Strategies event is in Atlanta, Georgia, on the 9th of July.

Digital Exchange will be taking place in Brighton, England on the 10th of July.

Kevin Nations is hosting Big Money from small events at his home, spa nations in Las Vegas, Nevada on the 18th-20th of July. Kevin Nations and Adam Spiel will be teaming up to host another event at spa nations on the 29-31st August.

Chris Ducker is hosting the New Business mastermind in New York on July 21st.

Clickz live is going to be in Hong Kong, 5th-7th August and San Francisco, California 11th – 14th of August.

Jack Canfield is hosting Breakthrough to success in Scottsdale, Arizona 11-15th of August.

Podcast movement 2014 is being held in Dallas, Texas on the 16th – 17th of August. Speakers include Chris Brogan, Jaime Tardy, Cliff Ravenscraft, John Lee Dumas and more.

Martech the Marketing Tech conference will taking place in Boston, Massachusetts 19-20th of August.

JV Zoo will be hosting Marketing Mayhem live in Orlando, Florida on august 28th-31st. Speakers include Mike Filsaime, Joel Comm, Armand Morin, Daven Michaels as well as founders E. Brian Rose and Bryan Zimmerman. Oh and Vanilla Ice will be performing at the official party too!

And last but definitely not least Brian Kurtz is hosting Titans of direct response in honour of his late business partner Marty Edelston. It’s 11th-12th September in Stamford, Connecticut. This really is going to be amazing event Gary Bencivenga who rarely ever speaks is coming out of retirement to speak at this event. The rest of the line up is incredible too, Joe Sugarman, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Perry Marshall, David Deutsch and many, many more will be at this conference.

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