Online Marketing News 7th Nov – 2 New LeadPages, Google Plus URLs & Help Outs, Skype API,Twitter on the Stock Market and Traffic & Conversion Summit

Online Marketing News 7th Nov - 2 New LeadPages, Google Plus URLs & Help Outs, Skype API,Twitter on the Stock Market and Traffic & Conversion Summit

Online Marketing News 7th Nov – 2 New LeadPages, Google Plus URLs & Help Outs, Skype API,Twitter on the Stock Market and Traffic & Conversion Summit
















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Hi, welcome to The Online Marketing Show. This is Joey Bushnell.

Today I want to try something new, something a little different. I’m going to do a news rounds up for the online marketing industry so you can be aware of news, changes and things going on in the industry as and when they happen, so that important news doesn’t pass you by.

I’m not sure how regularly I’ll do this, I think it will just be on an as and when kind of a basis, when there’s something significant to talk about, I’ll make a short news show.

What kind of things will be discussed?

Important product launches going on right now, changes/updates to features of software and tools commonly used by online marketers, changes to social networks or search engines or other big platforms commonly used by online marketers, big events happening in the industry and anything else I think there’s a good chance you’d like to know about.

If you see a big announcement on social media or from an email you get or a blog or news site you regularly read then please feel free to pass it along to me at I can’t guarantee it will make it on to the show but please do send it in and we’ll take a look at it. If you are the first person to bring it my attention I’ll make sure you are given credit for it

OK, so let’s crack on…

What’s caught my eye this week?

First off, I got an email this week from Clay Collins over at lead pages. If you’re not familiar with lead pages, it’s an incredible tool that allows you to create capture pages, webinar registration pages, sales pages, launch pages, and whole bunch of other amazing pages that will help you to grow your business. For me it’s an essential tool, I use it all the time and recommend you do too.

They are constantly improving and updating their software and this week they made 2 very cool announcements about the release of 2 new types of lead capture page.

The first one is The Video Background page that allows you to have a silent video playing as the background of your landing page behind the opt-in form. This is pretty cool and because not many people would have ever seen something like this before, you’ll stand out from the crowd. I’m currently thinking up all sorts of creative ways of how I can use this page.

They’ve also just announced their new “Made for Facebook” page which helps to get likes for your Facebook page at the same time as building your email list. To be honest this kind of technology has been around for a couple of years now but it was missing from lead pages and if you’re a lead pages user, you’ll be glad to know it’s possible to create that kind of a page now.

The next item is Google+ are rolling out custom URLs for their users. Since they launched a couple of years back they’ve been using these ugly URLs that have no customization. My Facebook page is, my twitter is nice and easy to remember but my Google plus URL is Try remembering that. It’s a horrible 16 digit number so the fact they are soon to be rolling out custom URL for general users is a very welcome change. They released this about a year ago for some select Google + users as a beta, but now it seems they are ready to give this to the rest of us. The sooner the better. Apparently, they will send you an email inviting you to secure URLs for your profile and any pages you may have.

In other Google+ news, they are also rolling out Google help outs. It’s still in beta but in a nutshell it’s a hangout where people can pay to be taught or given counsel on a topic. For example a chef could teach cooking classes, a yoga instructor could teach yoga live on the web cam or any number of other topics. So far main categories include computers and electronics, art, cooking, health and fitness, home and garden, fashion and beauty and education and careers.

So if you’re a coach, consultant or teacher of some kind who gets paid to dispense your knowledge to other people, this could be a very interesting proposition for you. It could be a good way to get in front of a hungry audience who want to pay to be taught what you can teach them.

It’s an interesting model and I’ll be interested to see how it pans out. Right now it’s in beta testing so all the “helpers” have been invited by Google to participate but they do plan to roll that out to wider group of people in the future so keep an eye out.

Next is some news regarding skype. You may or may not have heard that skype is closing its API in December, meaning many skype plug-ins or add-ons will be discontinued and no longer work! When I first heard this I was very upset because I use skype all the time and often record interviews using skype using a third party call recorder. The popular call recording software Pamela, looked like it would have to shut down.

But in a u-turn from skype, they have announced that they have reconsidered and will keep the API open for 2 most widely used types of plug-in, call recording software and compatibility with hardware devices.

So don’t worry! The sky is not falling. Your call recording software will continue to work after December 2013. Good news for many of us.

Next item, Twitter was floated on the stock exchange today. What will that bring? I have no idea! But whatever it is I hope they put the money to good use and improve twitter and hopefully it’s advertising platform too. We’ll have to wait and see how turns out.

Lastly this week there’s some big events coming up. One of the biggest events in our industry – Ryan Deiss and Perry Belchers “Traffic and Conversion Summit” which is taking place in San Diego, January 23rd – 25th, has just risen in price. The early bird price of $497 has now risen one or two days ago, to $697. And it will continue to rise, so if you are planning to go to San Diego to meet a lot of the industry’s biggest names, don’t delay anymore get your ticket now because the closer the event gets the more you’ll have to pay. It’s a must attend event and if you do go, I’ll be there too so let’s Hi and go for a drink.

The Marketers Cruise – another of the industries huge events, cruising around Florida and the Bahamas during 12th-19th January, I heard a rumor it was entirely sold out. However, I just went to the sales page and there is currently still a handful of places still remaining. Act fast if you want to go on that one as places are limited, it’s on a boat so there is a finite amount of places available.

Another event caught my eye this week – Leveling Up Live which is taking place in San Diego, 6th– 8th December. A lot of awesome speakers there most notably for me – Kevin Nations who is the worlds top expert on selling high ticket. I’d love to see him live, unfortunately I can’t make it that weekend but perhaps you can? Also speaking Mike Hill, the leader of Facebook’s best internet marketing group – Internet Marketing Super Friends. Kate Buck JR, Jon Benson and a ton of other really great speakers too. Looks an awesome event.

Yanik Silvers Underground Seminar is also back, February 20th -22nd in New Orleans. I believe at this point there’s still plenty of availability but that will change as the event gets closer.

Michael Stelzner’s Social Media Marketing World is taking place in San Diego, March 26th-28th. If you book your ticket before the 14th of November, you’ll save $400.

If you are the type of person who attends these events then I’m sure you’re making plans already, if you’ve never attended an event like one of these you definitely should, the networking alone is amazing and could change the course of your business. The stuff you will learn is also going to transform your business so go if you can.

So that’s it for the news this time, see you next time!

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