Online Marketing News 5th Dec – LeadBoxes, Twitter Retargeting, LinkedIn Top Contributors, YouTube Comments and Place Pins

Online Marketing News 5th Dec – LeadBoxes, Twitter Retargeting, LinkedIn Top Contributors, YouTube Comments and Place Pins

Online Marketing News 5th Dec – LeadBoxes, Twitter Retargeting, LinkedIn Top Contributors, YouTube Comments and Place Pins


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Hi, welcome to The Online Marketing Show, this is Joey Bushnell

Today I thought I’d give a quick online marketing news round up, 5 things have caught my eye…

Firstly… LeadPages have announced today their latest product development which is LeadBoxes!

LeadBoxes allow you to create a clickable link that brings up a pop-up opt-in box. This link can be posted anywhere on the web so that someone can get on your list without even visiting a squeeze page or similar page, they can just opt-in where ever on the internet they happen to be. You could put this link within blog posts, the sidebar of your blog, on a guest blog that you wrote for someone else’s blog, anywhere at all where you have the ability to paste HTML code. Pretty cool new feature, I’m certainly going to be testing it out over the coming weeks.

Second on my list… Today Twitter announced they are adding retargeting to their ad platform called Tailored Audiences.

Similar to Facebook retargeting which you can buy through the Facebook exchange, you can now buy this new type of ad through one of their 10 ad partners including adroll, chango and quantcast. This means that you’ll now be able to show promoted tweets to people who have previously visited your website or even reach new but targeted audiences using 3rd party data. For any media buyers listening, it’s definitely something you will want to check out.

Third… LinkedIn has in the last couple of days introduced Top Contributors for LinkedIn groups.

What this means is, any LinkedIn groups that you are a member of, you will be scored based on how much you contribute to the group with useful posts and comments. Everyone else in the group will be able to see how much you contribute to the group.

Many LinkedIn users already use interacting within LinkedIn groups as a strategy to get visibility and make an impact within their niche, I believe this new feature will assist in that strategy and encourage people to go check out the LinkedIn profile of that user. I think this will also stimulate activity and reactivate defunct groups as people try to gain that top contributor title. It will be interesting to see if Facebook deploy a feature like this in the future?

Fourth… A couple of weeks ago YouTube changed it’s commenting platform, now if you want to make a comment on YouTube you must sign up for a Google plus account. This isn’t optional, it’s forced and it’s upset a lot of people, who basically don’t want to join Google plus.

Personally, I think integration of YouTube and Google plus is a good thing but I do understand peoples frustrations that they have no choice over the matter, there is a huge petition to reverse the decision currently doing the rounds on the internet and we’ll have to wait and see if that makes any difference but for now, if you want to make comments on YouTube and interact with YouTube fully you need to go create your Google plus account if you haven’t done so already.

And finally… a big update was rolled on Pinterest over the last couple of weeks, place pins which means that you can now create pinterest boards using a map to integrate with your photos.

This is quite exciting for any marketers working in the travel industry, tourism, leisure or even just local businesses, basically any business that has relevancy to physical locations so if that’s you then get your creative ideas flowing and figure out how you tie in photos and images with place pins.

Oh and as a Pinterest side note, this is actually quite old news now, nearly two months old but I only just heard about it, Pinterest are soon to be rolling out promoted pins where advertisers can pay to have their pins have greater visibility in the Pinterest newsfeed. This is currently in beta and you can apply to be a beta tester over at

That’s the end of today’s news round up, thanks for listening, I’ll catch you soon

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