The Online Marketing News 29th March 2014 – JVzoo Custom Pages, Twitter Views, LinkedIn trends, Facebook Lookalike Audiences, Gmail Images, Pinterest Gifts Feed and LeadPages Market Place


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1. JV Zoo has just announced that they will be rolling out several new features in the near future, the first of which has already been released, it’s custom sales pages for affiliates meaning you can create a sales page just for them and easily input that url into JVzoo and their traffic will go to the customized sales page and they will be credited with the commission if someone buys.

This is cool and I think it could be used in many different ways, one way thing that immediately springs to my mind is it can really give an extra level of personal feel and intimacy to the promotion, that it’s one person sending you an offer on behalf of someone else that they endorse. For example, a guest on my podcast who has a product on JV zoo could give the link to a very customized page which followed on directly from the things we spoke about in the podcast. I’m not sure how deep this goes, if prices and bonuses and offers can be changed too then that would be amazing but I don’t know if that possible. Worth checking out for sure though, if you are a JV zoo vendor.

2. Twitter is testing a new type of stream, the favourite people stream. This is a stream where you can keep a closer eye on those tweeters you really care about following and hearing from. As marketers we will want to do all we can to get into our followers favourite people stream, engaging with people and tweeting interesting things has always been important but this makes it all the more important.

3. There’s rumours that Twitter plans to get rid of retweets, to be replaced by the word share and also making hashtags and @replies a thing of the past too. All of which have been a major part of Twitter culture but there is a school of thought which says that the average person does not understand twitter and they want to make it more simple and accessible for everyone.

4. In twitter analytics, they have been testing “views” so that users can see how many times their tweet has been viewed much like on a Facebook fan page, you can see how many people saw your post. Always useful.

5. Facebook has improved it’s lookalike audience targeting options. It used to be that you could only generate a lookalike audience using your CRM data like email addresses, phone numbers, addresses or Facebook ID’s but now you can target people who are similar to the buyers on your websites, the users of your apps or fans of your fan pages.

6. YouTube has announced they will be improving their trueview video advertising analytics, giving you more robust data on how well people have engaged with your video and engaged with your site having viewed the video ad.

7. For users of Googles Dynamic remarketing campaigns which is currently available to online retailers, they are improving analytics their for advertisers with an integration with Google analytics which will help to retarget people based on on-site behaviour and data not just at the site wide level but at the product level, meaning your ads can become even more relevant and targeted and specific. 

8. Pinterest has rolled out its new gifts feed, a feed just for shopping. It only shows product pins, pins that have extra info about price, product details, availability and where to buy. This is good news for retailers and eCommerce people who are using pinterest to sell products.

9. I mentioned a few weeks back that pinterest ads or promoted pins as they will be known are on the way. Pinterest gave an indication this week that they may be available as early as next month so keep an eye out for that.

10. LinkedIn are going to adopt trending topics. Twitter were the first to use trends, then Google plus and then Facebook, now it seems LinkedIn will be jumping on the bandwagon too. I think this good news for business people, as often trending topics are based on world events and rarely business topics, so to have a network where trending topics are predominantly business based and we can more easily join the conversation and get more visibility, is a good thing.

11. LinkedIn have also announced another new feature, their new content marketing score will help you see how well people are engaging with your content compared to your competitors.

12. In Gmail news, Gmail are testing a new format within their promotions email tab which is image based, some are calling it “pinterest for your inbox”. For years all marketers had to entice people to open their emails was the from address and subject line but now images will play a part. If your image stands out or grabs attention in a way that competing emails don’t then you’ll win the click. This is not happening just yet, Google are still testing it but it may well be rolling out shortly.

13. Google have penalized in an attempt to combat guest blogging. I’ve endorsed this website back in day when Google was OK with guest blogging. Unfortunately guest blogging has gotten too spammy and is now becoming a practice that I endorse less, unless you really know and are affiliated with the person you are guest blogging with. Google has now declared war on guest blogging as a link building strategy and this penalty to myguestblog is sending out a clear message to everyone. Times change and I think the days of guest blogging as legitimate link building strategy are coming to a close.

14. LeadPages have announced their latest update, the Leadpages Market Place. It seems that they are now opening up leadpages to developers in an attempt to get more high converting templates created, that they couldn’t do alone. When a developer has proven to have a decent converting page they can easily sell it to the users of leadpages in the leadpages marketplace.

15. Mike Hill the admin for the internet marketing super friends group on Facebook has said that he may create a high level mastermind group for members of the group. Nothing is finalized yet but looks like it will happen and there even be differing levels those with differing levels of experience and differing sized business.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see a newbies mastermind for those just starting out and wanting to grow their business and maybe one for those who are already doing really well, the 7 figure earners within the group. If you aren’t part of the IMSF facebook group, go do it now, it’s an amazing free resource and many of the members are some of the most success online marketers on the planet, being in a closed doors mastermind with those people would certainly be an interesting prospect, let’s wait to hear more.

16. In closing, my next live event is at the village hotel in Farnborough, Hampshire. On the 22nd of April at 7.30pm. It will be a hands on workshop where will be identifying your fastest route to more profits in your business. Picking that one online marketing strategy that is most likely to get you results fast. For those of you nearby, it’s free, you are welcome to come but you will need to register to book your seat, you can find details on my website.

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