Internet Marketing Consulting and Mentoring

Do you need to learn how to do internet marketing for yourself?

Do you need help coming up with your online marketing plan or strategy?

Do you want to start your own online marketing agency or service?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you are in the right place


I have been there already and trodden the path. Because of what I now know through my experiences, I can help you save all the headache that comes with being new to all this and trying find your way on your own

Trying to find all the answers yourself is expensive, time consuming and difficult

It’s like trying to navigate through a dark maze without a map and a torch

 So let me be your guide

I can give you overview and big picture strategy for your online marketing

I can get granular and give you all the microscopic details to successfully implement your online marketing methods

I can save you time by just giving you the answers and pointing you towards the best solutions

I can keep you accountable and make sure you implement the strategies

Sounds like what you need?

OK cool,

So… do you need consulting or do you need mentoring?

You need consulting if you need professional advice from me which you will then use in your own business, no matter what you sell…

Click here if you need Internet Marketing Consulting (covering all topics)


Click here if you need Social Media Marketing Consulting specifically


You need mentoring if want to set up your own business the same way I have set up my own

Click here if you want to set up your own Internet Marketing Agency


Click here if you want to set up your own Social Media Management Business


Click here if you want to sell your own consulting, coaching, digital products or speaker business

If you want to talk with me in more detail about my Internet Marketing Consulting or Mentoring then email me or give me a call…

UK Callers: 01252 405 465

International Callers: +44 1252 405 465


I’ve been online for over 12 years now and have seen hundreds of internet marketing “gurus” come and go.  Guys like Joe, who are incredibly skilled and talented with online marketing… they tend to stick around.  When I first chatted with Joseph, I knew there was something different about him. I could tell he was head and shoulders above most of the typical internet marketers I’ve seen.  Not only was Joe knowledgeable and helpful in almost every single area of internet marketing and social media marketing… I honestly don’t think I’ve ever met a nicer guy.
In this day and age, it’s rare to find a someone with incredible internet marketing skills AND who is such a joy to be around… but Joe has proven it’s still possible.  If you ever get a few minutes out of your day to chat with Joe, do it, it will be well worth it.

Shawn Lebrun, USA –

I turn to Joey when I need advice on social media marketing or search marketing. At the beginning I quickly went from skeptic to believer because it was so clearly obvious how well he knew his stuff. He is generous with his time & with the knowledge he shares. His tips & ideas can help you make money. Above all I now consider Joey a friend more than just someone I consult with. I will continue to seek out his expertise for a long time to come as the internet continues to evolve

Andy Sacker, UK –

Traffic & leads were difficult to get until I started working with Joey. Joey taught me how to get more targeted traffic & build an email list. We are now working towards my other goals like increasing sales & conversions. I would highly recommend his internet marketing consulting & mentoring services

Anil Swarup, UK –

Joey Bushnell is a smart, dynamic, well-informed young marketing professional with an even greater future ahead of him. (It’s amazing how much he’s already accomplished.) He’s unfailingly good-natured and pleasant to work with, and I recommend him with enthusiasm to anyone whose marketing efforts could use an expert makeover.

Rick Bayan, USA –


Joseph is an exceptional leader in his field of expertise. He has helped me to take my internet marketing to new heights. I highly recommend connecting with him to gain useful insight into the different aspects of Internet Marketing. Thank you Joseph for all your advice and suggestions.

Gladys Coston-Gibson, Pennsylvania, USA –