How to listen to your favourite podcasts in half the usual time

How to listen to podcasts fasterHow to listen to podcasts faster

In this post I just want to give you a quick tip on how you can listen to all the great content of the online marketing show or any other podcast for that matter, even quicker, because I know you’re busy and you can’t spend all day listening to stuff, but what if…

You could listen to an hour long episode in just half an hour? Or a half an hour episode in just 15 mins? Or ten minute episode in just 5 minutes?

It would be useful right?


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So there’s several ways you can do this.

How to listen to podcasts faster using the podcasts appIf you listen to this podcast on your iPhone or iPad the best app to use is the podcasts app. When you are listening to an episode you can speed it up to either 1.5 times the usual speed or even 2 times the usual speed, therefore listening to it in just half the usual time. Just go to the episode you want to listen to and in the top left you’ll see the options for faster playback.

You can do the same thing using an iPod touch if that’s the way you prefer to listen.

If you have an iPod that uses a click wheel, you can speed it up slightly too, I don’t think it does double speed but it goes faster, perhaps 1.5 times faster. When listening to the track, press down the button in the centre of the click wheel and then choose the option that says faster.

But remember, this will not work on music tracks, it has to be an audiobook file type, so if you need to change this you can. Go to the iTunes desktop app on your computer. Right click on the file and choose get info. Then under the options tab you can change the file type from music to audiobook and then just sync the changed file to you iPod again.

How to listen to podcasts faster using VLC Media playerIf you listen on your PC or Mac, then there are lots of media players which will play at faster speeds. I often use VLC media player or windows media player.

If using VLC media player (for either Mac or PC), go to playback in the top left hand menu, then choose your speed in the drop down menu. You can actually listen even faster than double speed using VLC.

If using windows media player (best used on a PC), right click on the file you are playing then choose enhancements and then go to play speed settings.  

If you listen to podcasts on android there is an app called Presto Sound Library which allows for faster playback. I personally have no experience with this, I’m not an android user but I know some people who are and they tell me it works great.

So, no matter what device you are using, you can listen to your favourite podcasts at double speed and it’s a tremendous time saver. You can save half the time you currently spend listening to podcasts or maybe you could learn twice as much in the same amount of time. It’s up to you!

Either way there are very few drawbacks.

Don’t worry about comprehension, I promise you your brain will get used to it. At first it may be difficult, so maybe start off at 1.5 speed and get used to it, make it 2nd nature and then step it up a gear to twice speed. After a while you’ll get used to this too. It might not seem like it at the start but stick with it, it will come.

Also if there’s ever a certain bit on the audio that you really have to listen to at normal speed then you can slow it back down anytime you like.

Try it, I’m sure you’ll love it.

And if you know of any other cool ways to do this for any device I haven’t mentioned or using a software I haven’t mentioned then please leave a comment below

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