FaceBook Marketing Strategies That Get Results – An Interview with Viv Craske

Viv Craske

Facebook marketing strategies that get results – An Interview with Viv Craske

Viv Craske is the owner over at Digital Marketing Blueprint – a Facebook Marketing agency specializing in helping Digital and technology companies , B2B Professional services, Internet marketers and Personality brands with Facebook marketing strategies, advertising, branding, list building and engagement.

He helps cutting edge companies on the interface of technology and helps people build a community of addicted fans from Facebook that are changing their businesses & increasing their profits.

In this interview I ask Viv how to really make money using Facebook, Viv reveals…

* Why traditional marketing methods & print publications just aren’t as effective since the rise of social media

* Why Viv believes Facebook is currently the best social network to make money with & will be for a long time to come

* Why 80% of all time spent on Facebook marketing strategies is wasted & doesn’t bring returns

* How to use Facebook to grow your email marketing list

* Why Viv believes you don’t even need a website anymore because of Facebook

* How to cut the costs of your Facebook adverts by almost half

* Why Viv thinks you shouldn’t go for the “Like” (And what you should be doing instead)

* The 6 steps of a Facebook marketing funnel

* How to find super targeted prospects using Facebook

* 7 ways to get free traffic to your Facebook page

* The 1 big difference between those who succeed & fail with Facebook marketing

* And more. Just click the play button below to listen to the interview…




Click here to get your free Facebook marketing training videos over at Viv’s Facebook page

Also if you want to contact Viv then feel free to do by emailing him at viv at vivcraske dot com

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